skincare quiz

This month, we’re celebrating new legislation that will help more of us avoid potentially dangerous skincare products. Read more here. The ban on 24 of the most questionable beauty ingredients doesn’t go into effect in California until 2025. Want to get a head start on things and start detoxing your skincare routine now? We’ve got you covered.

For years, we’ve been urging readers to learn more about the ingredients in their skincare, makeup and personal care products. While we’re happy to see new government bans going into place to make the process of cleaner shopping easier for all of us, there’s no time like the present to eliminate as many toxic ingredients from your lifestyle as possible.

Learn about some of the worst offenders here and use the EWG’s ginormous ingredient index to search any ingredients in your current routine for dangers like hormone disruptors, carcinogens or skin irritants. It ain’t so pretty.

If you’re ready to toss the toxicants and begin a cleaner skincare routine, beauty retailer, The Detox Market has created a skincare quiz that will help match your individual needs with products that will work for you — all in compliance with their smart standards for brands.

Take the quiz and find a cleanser, serum or face mask that will move you forward on that safer, cleaner lifestyle. If you want to know our top picks you can explore all our clean beauty favorites here.

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