The best part of a well-intended, well-curated shop is the people behind it. After graduating from FIDM and traveling the world together, stylish friends Hannah Taylor Skvarla and Lauren Conrad were inspired to create The Little Market — an online marketplace (and soon-to-be brick and mortar) that sells fair trade goods from around the globe to support and empower the female artisans making them.

We’ve loved getting to know the duo over the years, from their time as our Holiday Guest Editors to the inspiring interview below for our new What I’ve Learned series. From the importance of female friendships to finding joy through efficiency, we asked Hannah to share some of the lessons she’s picked up being a badass business babe working hard to make a difference…

What I’ve Learned So Far

…on business – You can learn something from everyone. It can be very helpful to find mentors who have more knowledge and experience than you do! I love meeting other female founders and sharing ideas — I truly believe in collaboration over competition. When building a team, look for people who have skills that aren’t your specialty. At The Little Market, our team is made up of mostly women, and everyone’s background is vastly different. It allows for dynamic conversations and creative collaboration. We value everyone’s thoughts and ideas, and I think that has helped us enormously.

…About people – Most people want to give back but may not know where to start. In fact, studies have shown that being generous makes us happier. The Little Market gives people a place to shop where every purchase gives back!

…About women – Women can accomplish anything when they have great women by their sides. For example, the idea of public speaking is terrifying to me. Lauren and I recently spoke to more than 1,000 women at Create & Cultivate. Knowing she was by my side had me completely at ease. Having strong female friendships and great female co-workers makes the impossible seem possible.

…About myself – I’m happier when I am efficient in managing my time. I have learned that ultimately it makes all the difference when trying to balance everything. I am more productive when I’ve planned out my calendar. It allows me to fully enjoy being with my family or enjoy a dinner with my girlfriends.

…on self-care – When I take time for myself, it gives me more energy for everything else I need to do. I used to look at self-care as an indulgence, but now I understand that it is a necessity. For me, self-care doesn’t have to be about beauty — although I do love getting mani pedis! Making time to go on a hike with a girlfriend does wonders for me! Taking time to reset and unplug can be all the self-care I need.

…on  confidence – Surrounding yourself with people who build you up and believe in you will build your confidence. I am very lucky to have an incredible group of women in my life who are very supportive, loving and kind. I only spend time with people who allow me to be comfortable being myself.

About wellness – Wellness has become very important to me since becoming a mother. I have learned how much ingredients matter. I now pay attention to every ingredient in the products I buy for our family — everything from cleaning products to beauty products to skin products for my daughter. Eating healthy food is a must for me and my family. My three-year-old daughter and I eat Pressed Juicery Freeze a few times a week. She thinks it is ice cream, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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