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Vegas happens. But it doesn’t always have to be a total mess of a time (for the whole time). Our ideal version of late night debauchery is usually a kombucha cocktail in a bathrobe at 8 pm. Naturally, our version of a Vegas jackpot includes an isolated spa experience, healthfully over-the-top meal, and entertain that calls for exactly zero strobe lights.

Introverts like to let loose too, but not without a chance to recharge in a major way. Vegas is an easy weekend trip from LA, and can be a lot of fun if you know to tailor the trip to your personality. If you’re an introvert headed to the desert with friends, our guide to a weekend in Vegas might help you survive with sanity — and dare we say relax?

the PACKING LIST: Our weekend in Vegas survival essentials include activated charcoal capsules for major detox-assist, medicinal mushroom coffee packets, CBD capsules and every nervous system-balancing adaptogen we can find, anti-bacterial wipes (self-explanatory), so much sunscreen (non-toxic, of course), a cute hat, cute bathing suit, cute sunglasses (mostly to avoid daytime eye contact) and hydrating skincare galore. If you’re a little extra but serious about feeling well whilst Vegasing, we recommend snagging a mini travel humidifier to plug in bedside, a portable charcoal water filter to avoid paying five-hundred dollars for the bottled h2o in your hotel room mini bar, and maybe an instantly-reviving vitamin B12 vape… or two. Definitely download a few meditation apps and be sure to bring along a chic pair of sound-canceling headphones.

Where To Eat

Sushi Roku | Plugged into a shockingly quiet corner of Caesar’s Palace mall, Sushi Roku offers a chill place to refuel without sacrificing style. It’s not a Vegas original (there’s one in LA as well) but it’s a great and reliable option for a casual and satisfying lunch. Their gluten-free menu is a highlight for healthy-minded visitors, offering the best of the main menu plus a few specially designed dishes for the gluten-averse. Their cocktail menu certainly has a few gems too. Our favorite? The matcha Moscow mule with ginger and raw honey.

Harvest by Roy Ellamar | This restaurant is a true oasis. Tucked into the beautiful Bellagio hotel, Harvest specializes in seasonal eats and total transparency — a hard find for Sin City. They source locally and responsibly (listing their sources proudly on the menu under each dish) cook thoughtfully, and serve beautifully. Every dish is a work of art, and the setting ain’t to bad either. The restaurant space is elegantly decorated in natural materials, creating a luxe and unexpectedly grounded vibe. Their stunning modern kitchen is planted right in the center, surrounded by glass walls that let you peek in on the action (a physical affirmation of their transparency ethos).

Where to StayMandarin Oriental | This sleek and modern hotel is the perfect place to stay if you’re “not a vegas person” as it’s smoke-free, game-free, and has a champagne vending machine right outside of the spa. A major highlight of the hotel is the spa’s Eastern-inspired treatment menu. Follow up your message with a traditional afternoon tea ceremony and an epic view overlooking the city.

The Four Seasons |  Another smoke-free, game-free refuge. This elegant and business-oriented hotel is attached to Mandalay Bay casino but feels miles removed. Their spa is packed with natural products and offers holistic treatments like lymph-draining facials and transformative cupping massages.

What to DoHide In the Spa | Vegas is known for its luxury scene — and where there are luxury hotels, there are grade-A spas. Our go-to spas can be found in the game-free smoke-free hotels (The Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons are our faves). The Wynn also has a stunning spa space that will erase all the unwanted Vegasness from your mind and body. Canyon Ranch is a farther away, but they all have natural products and holistic treatments that are worth the short drive (and moment of isolation_

Yoga in Peace | There are a few yoga studios around town, but if you’re looking for a unique Vegas experience, look no farther than the Linq. The luxe hotel hosts “silent yoga” on their rooftop. Everyone gets their own soundproof headphones that are synced to the same instructions, with no extra noise to distract from your peace of mind. Tune in, drop out.

Traditional-ish Tea | Make a reservation for formal tea at The Mandarin Oriental before or after a spa sesh. It offers a unique opportunity to sit and sip something that isn’t alcoholic but actually — dare we say — nourishing. But also maybe you should order some champagne, because balance.

Get Outside | Do it for the vitamin D! Just because you’re in Vegas doesn’t mean you have to stay on the strip. There is so much deserty wonder surrounding the city. Go out hiking at Red Rock Canyon or make a mini-trek to Lake Las Vegas for a day of water activities and nature.

Find a non-traumatizing Pool | They exist, we swear. The Four Seasons is lovely for laid-back luxury. The Aria and Caesar’s Palace hotels have gorgeous private pools in addition to their notoriously sloppy party pools. Most hotels also offer pool cabanas for a price, which might be worth it to have your own slice of privacy in Vegas. The cabanas at The Wynn are some of our favorites.

Tour The Neon Museum | The Neon Museum is like an outdoor art gallery (slash beautiful graveyard) where old Vegas signs go to retire. This fascinating little feature is sometimes overlooked because there’s no alcohol served, but that’s part of why it’s a great activity for when you need a break from the crowds.

Helicopter Tour |  If you’ve had enough of Vegas, simply rise above it. Take a trip in a helicopter for a unique and thrilling, and pleasantly isolated adventure. Daytime and nighttime are both magical for their own reasons. This makes a great date night activity too.

Discover more healthy tips for a trip to Vegas here. Next, explore our holistic recovery plan here.

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