Can good design help us lean into wellness at home? We think so. Thoughtful planning and super-inspiring spaces like the ones pictured above help us cultivate an intentional life.

Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone, the founders of Consort Design, bring clients’ like Jessica Alba, Nina Dobrev and Jen Atkin’s design dreams to life with their “cutting edge-classic” aesthetic. We asked these L.A. tastemakers to share what’s inspiring them now for the home (it doesn’t involve wall decals) and how to use design to cultivate the calm, cozy energy we’re all looking for more of…


Mat Sanders + Brandon Quattrone

Why we love what we do:

Because we never experience deja vu. Every project we take on evolves so differently from the last and challenges us in various ways. One day we’re flying to Telluride to work on a family home in the mountains and the next, we’re landing on a tropical island creating a luxury resort. There’s constant room to grow and learn in this business and that’s what we truly love. We’re lucky to have Consort keeping us on our toes.

Favorite design trend now:

Lips! One of our favorite ceramicists’ signature is to add a lips detail to her pieces – we’ve used them in client’s homes and they fly off of our shop’s shelves. We’re now seeing this playful trend everywhere!

Design trends you're happy to see go:

Inspirational sayings and wall decals. While “Keep calm and carry on” is a great idea, we don’t need to learn a lesson every time we walk into a room. It’s like a bad tattoo, seemed smart at the time but soon you’re full of regret.

Looks that will never go out of style:

Black and white. This high-contrast combination will always be a classic. Whether balancing traditional furnishings or breaking up saturated colors, black and white is distinctly high impact and always chic.

Object at home that brings you the most joy:

Our newly added 10-foot taxidermy shark. It hangs on our large dining room wall so you never have to eat alone.

On the de-stressing effect of good design:

Think of a well-designed product. Typically, if it’s designed well, it not only looks good, but it functions well. This should be the same philosophy when designing an entire home. Be smart with your design choices. Consider the functionality of a room, while also staying true to your aesthetic compass. You’ll find the result is easy on the eyes and your life.

Best tip to de-stress home quickly:

No clutter! Every piece should have a purpose or at least an identifiable design voice. If it’s not speaking to you, get rid of it (or at least hide it in a chic storage piece).

Most underrated design element that creates peaceful environment:

Fresh flowers. Picking up an inexpensive bunch of flowers on a regular basis is a must. It’s a small thing that goes a long way. Colorful blooms are versatile while adding shape and life to any space.

If readers only make one change to home this fall:

Throw it down. Dig out the throw blankets and drape them over a side chair, sofa or even the edge of your bed. Always have one at arm’s length for those cool fall nights.

Where I'm shopping:

On our last trip to New York, we found our new favorite shop, Studio Oliver Gustav. The shop offers unique and limited edition pieces, from a carefully curated edit of international designers and arts alongside Gustav’s own designs. His attention to surfaces and scale is peaceful yet spellbinding.

Fave natural resources / sustainable brands for home:

One of our favorite brands isn’t a brand at all, it’s vintage. We try to source vintage locally to minimize fuel usage in shipping; we’ve also adopted an integrated, responsible design process that includes sourcing and fabricating custom upholstered pieces in natural fabrics with nontoxic fillings, and disposing discarded materials in an eco-friendly way.

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