How IS a list of resolutions different from an intention-setting ritual? It’s all about the power of creating an experience on purpose. Holistic life coach and reiki master, Serena Poon, recently opened up on embracing vulnerability. Here she shares a ritual with tools to set intentions for the year ahead…

The new year can be a powerful time to call in energy that will help you realize your highest purpose and your best life. You have most likely used the new year in the past as a time to reset your health habits or to make commitments and goals for the year ahead. New Year’s resolutions are great! They can be wonderful tools for goal setting and for getting a head start on reaching your annual achievements. What if I told you that this year you can elevate your resolutions into powerful, energy-charged manifestations? Carving out the time to perform an intentional ritual will help you identify and attract the things that you would like to expand or discover in your life. Transforming your resolutions into rituals will also amplify the power of these intentions.

Ritual vs. Resolution

I’ve included my favorite ritual below, but first let’s talk about what makes a ritual different than a resolution. An intentional ritual will also help you achieve your goals, but with a deeper and more focused energy. Taking the time to really connect with what you want and the energies that surround that desire can create an emotional and spiritual vibration that will better help you realize your dreams. A ritual will also help you harness the energies of the universe to forge a strong and clear path to that which you desire.

One truly powerful way to manifest the things that will help you align with your greatest and highest good is to meditate on how you would feel if you were already experiencing these things that you want to call in. This powerful practice allows you to shift your energy to a place in which you have already realized your goals.

how to set up a New Year’s intentional ritual:

+ Find a quiet place that makes you feel good where you can disconnect from distractions.

+ Come with a clear vision of what you would like to call into your life. You can write it down on a piece of paper, if you’d like.

+ Bring the crystals of your choice. Crystals can help amplify your manifestations of growth, love and energy, so I love to incorporate them into my rituals. Crystals that can be powerful in manifesting your New Year’s desires include: clear quartz (amplifying intentions), citrine (abundance and personal power), rose quartz (love), peridot (money) and amethyst (healing).

+ Set up your quiet place. Set the mood for emotional and spiritual connection. You can light candles, create an altar or play ambient music, if it feels right.

+ Hold your chosen crystals in your hands. With intention, say out loud (or in your head is okay, too!): With love and grace, I bless and program these stones to hold the highest vibrational light and raise my vibration.

+ Sit down and create a circle around you with your stones.

+ Close your eyes and envision yourself surrounded by light and love.

+ Call out (or think it clearly in your head) what you would like to manifest in the new year.

+ Begin to imagine yourself with the things that you desire. Start to focus in on how you feel. How would you feel if you got that big promotion? Or if you met your life partner? Or if you realized financial abundance. How would it feel in your body? How would you carry yourself? What emotions would you experience? What type of people would be surrounding you?

+ Then you can close the ritual by saying (out loud or in your head): With my heart full of gratitude, I welcome a new path, new energy, new connections and new beginnings.

I perform this or similar rituals regularly and recommend that my clients do the same. They are incredibly powerful ways for shifting your energy and intention to attract abundance, happiness and personal power. These rituals become particularly potent during lunar events like the full and new moon and during special transitions, such as beginning a new year.

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