For mamas that love to lunch, the options are two-fold: make reservations someplace lovely and deal with a squirming child for an hour or two or settle for a kid-friendly restaurant and deal with the sub-par food and lack of ambiance.

A few Hollywood mamas have answered the prayers of ladies who lunch (with children) across the city by opening up the doors of Au Fudge, an enchanting, but casual restaurant that allows mothers to dine out with their children and get the best of both worlds. Au Fudge has all the beautiful bells and whistles w’ere looking for in any restaurant: ambiance for days, a killer organic menu and bar that serves up elegant cocktails like the one below. In addition, the restaurant’s menu is filled with ultra kid-friendly dishes (that are healthy too) and offers moms the option to send the kiddos into a beautiful play room where they can craft, read and play for hours under the supervision of their in-house au pairs!

We think this savvy team of founders is on to something – the hotspot has already gained popularity with famous moms from Rachel Zoe to Alessandra Ambrosio. Au Fudge’s stellar team includes L.A. mamas Kimberly Muller, Jessica Biel, and Monica Saunders-Weinberg, as well as designer Estee Stanley (which helps explain the beautiful space!), Joey Gonzalez of Barry’s Bootcamp and Jonathan Rollo of Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop.

The space is also the first restaurant to receive the Environmental Media Association’s “EMA Green Seal,” which speaks to just how thoughtfully the space was designed to keep green values throughout. The glassware is vintage and the kitchen runs at maximum energy efficiency – great green lessons to teach children at every turn.

We think the Au Fudge concept is genius – and here to stay! What do you think, readers? Kiddos or no, would you visit a restaurant where children can be whisked away to play, only after eating the best organic meals? We know it’s very L.A., but we think this food concept is 100%!

“First Base” Cocktail


1.5 oz of your favorite vodka
0.75 oz lemon juice
0.25 oz fresh ginger syrup
0.25 oz demerara sugar syrup
1 oz muddled strawberries
1 oz sparkling white wine
1 sprig lemon thyme to garnish


Mix the vodka, lemon juice, syrups, and strawberries in a cocktail shaker. Pour into a chilled glass with the sparkling wine and garnish with lemon thyme.

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