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We love trying on every natural lipstick shade and organic facial oil that come across our desks–it’s a problem. But, every so often, we come across a beauty product that defies categorization – or at least blows their category counterparts out of the water.

From Skin Owl’s neck concentrate to Amika’s dry conditioner, this round-up of new beauty products have stood out to us in a major way. Discover all seven before beauty bloggers everywhere are singing their praises…

AMIKA SILKEN UP DRY CONDITIONER | Remember when you first discovered just how useful a good dry shampoo could be? Meet dry conditioner, the perfect counterpart to dry shampoo in that it glosses and cleans up the roughness we kind of love dry shampoo for. Smooth a ponytail, flyaways and loose ends without adding any heavy  moisture.


ORIGINS MASKIMIZER| Before you pile on that mud mask, spritz freshly washed skin with this mask primer. The algae complex in the maskimizer makes skin more receptive to your facial of choice’s active ingredients.


GRESSA SERUM FOUNDATION| Okay, this product is not at all new, but completely undiscovered! This is the type of product you have to try in order to understand. It’s a corrective liquid serum with mid-weight foundation in the formula! The serum and color dries down to a powdery finish – and is totally natural.


100% PURE GREEN TEA WATER MASK| We love a good sheet mask and 100% Pure’s new line of hydrogel masks are winter perfection. The green tea mask soothes, depuffs, and deeply hydrates with hyaluronic acid, the ginseng version boosts collagen. Like all sheet masks, we love to keep these bad boys in the fridge for an ultra-cooling effect.


W3LL PEOPLE CONCEALER| Our W3ll People makeup obsession knows no end. And their latest concealer does not disappoint. If you’re looking for natural makeup that still performs, start here. This new concealer provides soothing and thorough color coverage that is sure to win it some awards this year.


ZELENS LIP TREATMENT OIL| If you’re in the mood for more than chapstick, but less than gooey lipgloss, this treatment oil will do the trick. Nine plant oils, including wild musk rose, go to work healing and replenishing the lips while powerful botanical extracts plump, hydrate and heal.


SKINOWL NECK+ | This unique moisturizer for the decollete is worth obsessing over! Healing aloe, herbs, witch hazel and MSM mean this concentrate absorbs right away and won’t irritate skin.  Spirulina, turmeric and a slew of minerals tone and strengthen. A total beauty breakthrough.

Launching March 20th exclusively on Cult Beauty!


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