Let’s talk theory. Hot yoga has incredible benefits from detoxification to major muscle toning. Infrared technology is incredibly healing too. What happens when the two collide?

LA’s Sweatheory has been around for a minute, but their Aspen-esque wooden yoga studio, designed to offer the benefits of infrared hot yoga, recently blew us away. Everything about the studio aims us toward an elevated state of wellness; there are no chemicals in the 100% grade-A cedar wood walls and glue-less bamboo floors and the pink Himalayan salt wall purifies the air for deeper breathing while we down dog. Medical grade chakra lights line the ceiling, each with a variety of healing abilities that are activated throughout a session to create a sense of relaxation, energy, detox and even love.

Ready to try a new yoga studio? This one tops our list. Check out their huge menu of fascinating IV and vitamin injections below. Not sold on the idea of injections for wellness? Find out more about this treatment protocol that’s been popular since the ’70’s and favored by celebs from Chrissy Teigen to Cindy Crawford…

Vitamin Injections

“Power Up” Helps increase energy, helps boost metabolism, helps with cognitive function! excellent for a “mid-week pick me up”

“B Skinny +” Helps break down fat cells, boosts metabolism, curb appetite! perfect for anyone watching the sugar intake they have etc!

“Hair, Skin, & Nails” Helps with cell regeneration, collagen production, promotes hair, skin, and nail growth! really great paired with infrared yoga or sauna for major skin detox!

“Lady Blues”  That time of the month? The perfect injection for muscular pain and to ease muscle contraction which prevents menstrual cramping

“Immune Charger” Feeling down/sick? This injection helps boost immune system and filters bacterial and viral impurities out of your system.

“Liquid Zen” Stressed/High anxiety? This injection helps relax and it promotes a calm self of well being

“Achy Joints” Working out a lot? Achy joints help reduce muscle inflammation, joint pain, and relieves muscle tension and stress

“Glutathione” The. Best. This injection is a master antioxidant and filters toxins out through your liver, kidney, and gallbladder

“Meso Therapy”  Cellulite? Stubborn areas? Meso Therapy is a spot reduction treatment where amino acids are injected into the fat under the skin, collapse the fat cells and essentially curbs your appetite.

Vitamin IV’s

“Myers Cocktail” Literally a multi-vitamin pill in an IV bag. It helps increase energy, boost immune system, re-hydrate, promotes healthy brain function.

“Hangover Helper” Well this is self explanatory! Helps re-hydrate your system, and filters out all of the toxins from the night before!

“Anti- Aging” Promotes collagen (yes!), new healthy cell growth, helps pull out toxins.

“Frequent Flyer” Traveling often? this is the IV for you! boosts immune system, helps filter viruses out of the system.

Have you tried vitamin injections in the past? What were your results?
Learn more about the benefits of infrared here.

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