The title of landscape designer Judy Kameon’s first book perfectly encapsulates her thriving career as a landscape designer and has no doubt been heard by many a new client: Gardens Are For Living. Creating livable, beautiful home gardens, Judy has endeared herself to countless private Southern California clients through her bright and colorful style at Elysian Landscapes. And now, with her new book, her style, as featured on the pages of Domino, Martha Stewart Living and Architectural Digest, is available to all. From compact urban spaces to sprawling canyon homes, Judy’s book has something for everyone, as evidenced by her advice below. Preparing a beautiful space is one thing, but Judy’s philosophy is also about growing, eating and entertaining in your own outdoor space too. Here’s Judy with a few useful highlights from the book…

The view

When planning your garden, think about how it will look from the inside out. Most of us spend more time inside looking out at our gardens than outside, looking in, so they should look beautiful from both vantage points.

Growing food and flowers

There are innumerable benefits to growing your own food and flowers. Have realistic goals, know your site conditions, and match these to your crops. Your can start simply, tucking some herbs in with your ornamental plants or planting a window box or small raised bed.

The furnishings

Comfort is essential, so don’t skimp when it comes to furnishing your outdoor spaces. Pick pieces that feel as good as they look. If you invest in handsome pieces that are built to last, you won’t be sorry.

The tableware

When entertaining, use sturdy, reusable tableware that you don’t have to worry about damaging – tin and enamel camping plates, stainless flatware, simple glass tumblers, and patterned cotton napkins – rather than paper and plastic.

Cooking in the garden

Explore the myriad of options for cooking outside – from gas grills to hibachi to wood-burning and solar ovens. Cooking outside is one of many ways to enjoy your outdoor space and it can impart the most delicious flavor to your food.

The lighting

Many of us don’t always have the opportunity to enjoy our gardens during the day, so nighttime is often the best option. Easy options to beautifully light your garden are natural candlelight, rechargeable pillar candles, classic plug-in bistro string lights and solar hanging lights.

The rituals

Create relaxing rituals outside, by making a habit of having a cup of tea in the morning in your garden as part of starting your day, or enjoying a glass of wine outside when you get home from work.

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  1. Best resource book ever on creating an extension of your house outside, so tasteful and classy! Love these outdoor living tips, Chalkboard!

    Tara Maxey | 06.23.2014 | Reply

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