It’s the first official week of summer and we’re feeling all the vacay-ready, bikini-baring, messy al fresco dinner feels! This season represents all the ephemeral moments of life – the moments we dream of mid-winter and allow to sink in with a smile come mid-July.

Our Summer Shop is all stocked up and we’re embracing everything this passing season has to offer: melting popsicles, salty hair, summer fruits, eating outdoors at night and (ready or not!) getting used to wearing less.We’ve included just a handful of items that will enhance your summer experiences and inspire you to make a few healthy plans – check them all out below!

These metal popsicle molds are a must, especially if you’re entertaining children this summer. Check out all our juice-based popsicle recipes here and give a couple of them a whirl.

Hitting the beach? Fill a water bottle (these are our favorites) with a little Pressed Juicery coconut h2o and a splash of this hydrating Inner Beauty Boost to stay cool in the heat. The Beach People made a huge splash with these giant, round towels last summer and we’re still obsessed – they’re big enough for all our beach gear and look gorgeous in the sand.

For beach-side skincare, slick up with this modern tanning oil: it’s filled with non-toxic sunscreen, deeply moisturing oils, a little bronzer, and self-tanner to boot – our number one pick for the beach this year! Throw on a light layer of RMS Beauty’s bronze-toned highlighter to cheekbones, plus Coola’s new Liplux sticks for lips and there’s little else you need.

If you’re planning on soaking up the sun at home, check out the sweet summer essentials we’ve gathered to add a spark to home entertaining. These blue Moroccan glass tumblers will instantly summer-ify your regular tonics and cocktails (recipes here and here naturally!), the ceramic pitcher below makes the perfect catch-all for floral farmer’s market finds, and this metal pineapple tumbler is upgrading our morning green juice routine in a major way.

To bring a little seasonal freshness indoors, we love this raw wood planter and metal Cinnamon Projects incense burner. Even if it’s just with small details like these, find ways to introduce something new into your home to signal to your body and mind that it’s a special new season.

What can’t you live without this season? Tell us about your favorite summer staples: maybe it’s a towel, beach bag or scarf that signals your excitement for the sun or a servingware piece you only use for dining outside. We’re constantly looking for fresh inspiration and new ideas for “living well”! Check out everything we’ve included in the Summer Shop here!

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