We’re big fans of utilitarian chic. White t’s, wear-and-tear denim, vintage leather…. And now we’ve got the perfect vehicle to wear it all on. Priority Bicycles has designed our ideal wheels: maintenance-free, with a fluid, timeless design – and under four hundred bucks.

With Priority Bicycles, founder Dave Weiner is coming full-circle to his bicycle industry roots. After a successful career in computer software, he’s made it his goal to fill that strange gap in the industry for both a beautifully simple and high-quality, easy to maintain bike – a bicycle without all the bells and whistles, both figuratively and literally. Dave’s new bike is catching our eye with it’s iconic, utilitarian styling – and keeping our attention with it’s puncture-resistant tires, lightweight frame and chainless functionality.

Today, Priority Bicycles begins its Kickstarter campaign to get their spokes turning. Read Dave’s interview in the studio with us below, then hop over to Kickstarter to check out his new bike models for yourself…

In the Studio with Priority Bicycles


Dave Weiner of Priority Bicycles

Daily necessity:

Some form of movement. If I’m working from home it’s the gym or a morning yoga class at Strala Yoga. If I’m in the office it’s my bicycle commute. I find that if I start my day with movement, I’m at my best.

To get the creative juices flowing I…

Walk away. A walk through the streets of TriBeCa, or I take my bike along the West Side Highway.  The best way to invent or solve something is to get some time away from it.

Favorite object on my desk:

Pictures of my family!

Favorite morning of the week:

Saturdays in the city.  Between meetings, calls across time zones, and spending time working in the shop, waking up grabbing coffee at Local and having a slow morning without the phone buzzing so I can be together with the family means a lot to me.

My favorite current project is:

Launching Priority Bicycles. I really want to change the bicycle industry by creating high quality bikes at a low cost for the recreational rider. It’s all about creating the perfect maintenance-free bicycle, and I’ve been working tirelessly to get the bike perfect, beautiful, lightweight and hassle free. I’m a true believer that biking brings joy to people, and I think life is too short for people to be riding a bad bike. While I have a long history in the cycling industry, I spent the last 10 years in software, so getting back to working with outdoor minded people is amazing.

My favorites workbooks/paper goods:

Shinola Small Hardcover. I was lucky enough to work with the folks at Edwards Brothers and tour their factory several years ago. I know the pride that goes into these great notebooks.

Soundtrack in the studio:

Jazz. Most recently I’ve been into Paul Desmond, his music is incredibly soothing and good for my concentration.

Most common visitors:

Lots of people have been coming by recently to test ride Priority Bicycles sample bikes. It’s really fun to see their reactions when they ride the bike, it’s easier to ride, smoother and more comfortable than they expect.  It means a lot to me to get their feedback.

The snack we always keep on hand:

Beer. It helps with the late nights. We have bananas and apples too, but at 6, no one says “I sure could use an apple right now.”

Easiest way to brighten up the space is:

People! Our workspace in TriBeCa is affectionately called the dungeon. It’s a really cool space with beautiful exposed brick, however, it’s in the basement. It’s amazing what some smiles and laughs can bring when you don’t have the luxury of the sun.

Favorite way to spend the lunch hour:

Now that the weather is nice I love sitting outside by the water (where Vestry meets the West Side Highway). Lately though, as we approach launch, it’s been scarfing down a sandwich while working. I look forward being able to get outside a bit more. 

Favorite design neighbors:

Across the street from our workspace is Schoolhouse Electric. Their designs are beautiful and inspirational.

My necessary extravagance is:

My watch. My grandmother took the bus and two trains from Queens to 47th street every day for many years to work in the watch industry. She gave it to me and it reminds me that hard work is important. 

My top distraction is:

I’m not sure it’s a distraction, but my favorite reason to leave in the middle of something important is to go spend time with my son, Jake, who is almost two. He gets out of daycare around 5 p.m. and I’m often running home to get a few hours with him before heading back to the workshop. No matter what I’m working on I make sure I can get these few hours with him each day.

Books always in studio:

I authored a book in 2005 on computer software that I keep around the workshop. While it’s totally irrelevant to what I do today, it’s a reminder of an accomplishment that I’m very proud of.

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