Whether your wedding is months behind you, years away, or happening next weekend, most of us love scoping out design-friendly wedding plans. Okay, okay – maybe not the seating chart squabbles and which-of-the-ten-shades-of-sage-green decisions, but the planning process in that divine stage of real or imaginary Pinterest planning.

Our bridal party Pinterest contest starts today with the one-and-only Style Me Pretty, the winnings, a Pressed Juicery 3-Day Cleanse for one bride and up to three bridesmaids. So, whether you’re loving the planning phase or not, at least you’ll look great doing it.

Abby Larson, chief style guru behind the whole Style Me Pretty wedding planning empire, founded the site to raise the wedding bar for the modern bride, and that she has. We love Style Me Pretty’s convenient resource guides and gorgeous, curated content helping brides to make the most creative decisions possible.

In the world of weddings, life begins and ends with a happy bride. Not a perfect bride, perhaps not even a fully organized one, but gosh darn if she shouldn’t be a happy bride. We asked Abby, with her wealth of bridal experience, what it takes to stay calm and healthy during the whole wedding blitz. Take note of Abby’s tips and make it down the aisle in happily glowing good health…

10 tips for for the healthy happy bride

Drink up

Stay hydrated. Water does a body good.

Hit The Sheets

Catch up on those zzzs. Sleep boosts your immune system and will have you refreshed and ready to conquer that wedding to-do list.

Get Glowing

Moisturize /exfoliate to keep your skin a healthy glow.

Move It

Reduce stress with exercise. We love a good yoga session.

Take A Multi

Take a multi-vitamin for a healthy boost.

Eat Simply

Eat clean, cut down on processed foods, refined sugars/flours. Try things like Whole30 challenge to get started.

Stay Connected

Plan non-wedding-talk date nights to regularly connect with your fiancé.

Hire Those Pros

Hire the pros and let them do their job – you can’t do it all yourself.

Get A Massage

Unwind and de-stress with a massage.

The Big Picture

Remember to spend time planning for a healthy, happy marriage and not just the wedding. Talking about things post-wedding will keep your perspective in check.

Photography by Haley Sheffield (moisturizer) and Jose Villa (brides)

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