‘Tis the season for road trips. And while Santa Barbara and Palm Springs both have their charms, for an absolute bohemian immersion experience, Ojai is the place to be.

Creative locals Channon and Bianca Roe have just this year opened an Ojai shop filled with luxe essentials they themselves rely on, and, from the look of the shop, we love these people. Sticking true to their local roots and keeping things beyond well-styled, In The Field is a Chalkboard wonderland. Below, Bianca shares a few highlight from the shop’s shelves and life tending to one of the town’s sweetest new spots…

The shop in three words:

Dream in color.

Brands you carry:

Mister Freedom, Pas De Calais, Ulla Johnson, Black Crane, Apolis, Stormy Monday Goods, Quoddy, Sam Roberts LA, S Double, Soyer, Anda & Masha, RTH, Kathleen Whitaker, Agnes Badoo, Heathermarie Heaton, Cyn Gin, Catherine Michiels, Irving Place Studio, Materia Lumina, Matteo, Rachel Craven, Chris Christiansen, Fabrique, Beatrice Valenzuela, Filson, Somewear, Brown Sugar Beach, Imogene & Willie, and so many more!

Recent obsessions:

Ulla Johnson, our boy’s hair, Waltzing Matilda, Solstice Canyon Almond Butter, Fella Swimwear, outdoor kitchen for summer entertaining.

Our customer is…


Go-to shop uniform:

We don’t believe in uniforms. Be creative – break the mold. Be yourself, have fun – tell a story… and share it with the crowd!

Perfect gift for the season?

Man: Walnut cutting board by Stormy Monday Goods, paired with Malman’s on Fire
Woman: Beek Sandals, paired with a great tote – beach blanket and Orange Blossom Splash
Child: Take them beach combing, because the sea is full of natural treasures
Wedding: Irving Place Studio Ceramics
House warming: ITF throw pillows – vintage indigo

We’re always drinking…

Ventura Spirits, keep it local and spread the word. The California vodka that’s made out of strawberries, not flavored of strawberries. Made out of strawberries (not potatoes). Strawberry fields forever!!!

Always stashed:

Dasien Spring, Ojai visitor’s walking map, raw almonds, sparkling water, half eaten children’s burrito from The Farmer & The Cook.

Always playing:

Nova Radio Paris, Stones, Dylan, Gillian Welch, but on Sundays, it’s always Breakfast With The Beatles.

Candle always burning:

Incense is the new black; we burn copal in the store. Bodha is our recent exciting discovery, producing incredible incense. We’re burning ‘Ground’ right now at home.

Nearby hotspots:

Dekor & Co, Modern Folk, Summer Camp, Chief’s Peak, Knead Bakery, Azu, Ojai Vineyard Tasting Room, The Farmer & The Cook, Meditation Mount.

Go-to spot for lunch nearby:

Hip Vegan.

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