This triple -herb allergy tea from Free + Native Journal is proof of Lacy Phillips depth of knowledge when it comes to all things holistic.  Who knew nettles were anything more than an irritating plant to avoid on forest hikes? We’ve heard a few to many wellness pros’ sing the praises of nettle tea not to pay attention! Check out more from Lacy below on just how effective these herbs can be in remedying allergy symptoms without the side effects of medication…

It seems everywhere I turn this season there is a sniffle or a cry of how irritating one’s allergies are. Something as simple as hay fever can be enough to fully debilitate someone and have them wishing that they could replace their nose and itchy eyes with new ones. Two cups of this tea (recipe below) a day during high season will help to reduce – if not relieve – allergy symptoms.

It is also incredibly convenient to pack a small jar of this herbal blend to take with you on your spring and summer travels. You never know what new climates and pollen can stir up by way of an allergy fit.

Here are my favorite three herbal ingredients to create a super quick tea blend that will send allergies running for the hills.


Not only is this herb abundantly vitamin and mineral rich, nourishing the adrenals, and providing shiny long luscious hair, but it also doubles as a natural antihistamine making this your vintage version of Benadryl – minus the drowsiness and side effects.


Equally as mineral and vitamin dense as nettle leaf, this herb improves circulation while clearing excess mucous due to its resinous substances.


Rich in vitamin B, C, E, and beta-carotene alkaloids and antioxidants, this incredibly nourishing herb’s natural astringent-tannins reduce mucus discharge. 



nettle leaf
red clover
eye bright


Mix equal parts of the herbs to make your allergy tea blend. Then steep for 20 minutes to create the perfect quick cup of tea.

Or add 6 tablespoons to the bottom of a jar. Bring water to a boil. Pour over your herbs. Cap and steep for 4 hours to create the perfect infusion that can be enjoyed over the course of a few days.

Drink 2-3 cups for best results.

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