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Tara is one of the most grounded super-yogis we’ve ever met. And while her feet may be firmly planted on the ground, metaphorically speaking, with a global yoga following including Strala studios popping up around the country (hello, Strala Seattle!), those yogi toes are often flying high while jet-setting to yoga hotspots around the world.

It’s no surprise then, that when we asked to rifle through Tara’s yoga bag, there were items from Tokyo to Paris to be found. Here they are, along with a few of Tara’s must-tote favorites…


Tara Stiles.


Founder of Strala Yoga, flagship in SOHO, NYC, with partner studios and gyms around the globe.

My yoga bag is:

A canvas tote I picked up in Tokyo with a crazy fun purple planet on it. I alternate between that one, one my friend, Sandrine Bridoux got me from Paris that says “Dance All Day” and an American flag one from American Apparel. Canvas totes are the way to go for me. Easy. Expressive. Washable.

Studio uniform:

Sweats and a loose tank. All from my collab with Reebok. I’m so happy to be designing clothes that are comfortable and fun and functional for yoga. After wearing pink tights and a black leotard for ballet for my childhood and young adult life I’m happy to be in comfy clothes for yoga.

Mat of choice:

I honestly don’t own a yoga mat. I use whatever is around. Try to keep it light like that.

Favorite pose:

Whatever is challenging my mood. Plank when I need to focus and build boundaries. Dancer when I need to expand and get inspired. Handstand when I need an energy boost.

Brands I’m obsessed with:

Reebok (my line of course, I’m so proud of our design team), American Apparel for a fun take on shapes and patterns, and all the crazy things I brought back from Tokyo. My dinosaur hat is on my head to and from Strala daily.

On my workout playlist…

Show Me Love, Robin S. Alive, Pearl Jam. How Do You Want It, 2 Pac. She Ain’t You, Chris Brown. Beauty in the World, Macy Gray. Jane Says, Jane’s Addiction. Walk on the Wild Side, Lou Reed. We’re obsessed with our playlists at Strala. They are open source to our community also. Everyone weighs in and makes awesome suggestions and additions. We’re on Spotify.

Piece that changed my practice:

My orange sweats from my Reebok line. Incredibly cozy.

Favorite way to hydrate:

Drink water. All day long. Water by the bed at night.

Post-workout fuel:

My green dream smoothie. Banana, spinach, almond milk. Blend. So easy. So good.

When I’m feeling adventurous:

A dress with high tops.

Unexpected item in my gym bag:

Post cards for Strala for the local coffee shops. We all pitch in with continued promotion and support for the studio. People are sometimes surprised to see “the owner” doing these things. But for me, we’re all in this together. I just happen to be the one that decided to host this party. Our team and community are the ones who make it thrive. I owe them a lot.

Craziest yoga gear I own:

People send crazy stuff all the time to the studio. Someone sent a yoga mat with plastic spikes for “relaxation” we tried it out for a minute. It hurt.

Must-have studio tool:


On the go organizational tip:

Use what you need. Don’t bring or buy or collect what you don’t.

Braids or pony:


Candles or incense:

Neither, but sometimes candles. We keep it super open and fresh. At home, sage.

Reading up:

Einstein’s Universe. Not really “yoga reading” specifically, but lots of amazing inspiration from nature and Einstein’s beautiful imagination. Be Here Now and Still Here by Ram Dass.

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