Our ‘In My Gym Bag’ feature is one of our readers’ favorites when it comes to fitness, and we love this version from the queens of cycling themselves, Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, co-founders of SoulCycle. SoulCycle has transformed the way so many of us workout and we love the turn toward a more mindful mind-body experience the studios have inspired across the board.

Pick up tips and top picks from Elizabeth and Julie below and join us all month inside each Pressed Juicery location for a sweepstakes and celebration of wellness – including a year’s worth of juices and a ten-class pass to a SoulCycle near you!

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

Julie: During a spin class in LA when time disappeared and I had my first “aha!” moment.
Elizabeth: On the bike. 

5 things always in my gym bag:

Julie: Socks, bottle of water, dry change of clothes, a banana and face wipes
Elizabeth: Cycling shoes, perfume, bra, tank, tights

Fave fitnesswear brands:

Favorite time of day for a class:

Julie: 8:30am
Elizabeth: morning

On my workout playlist:

Julie: fourfiveseconds
Elizabeth: I leave that to the professionals! 

Gear that changed my practice:

Julie: Lululemon run inspire 
Elizabeth: a bike! 

On my feet:

Julie: Adidas high tops 
Elizabeth: Socks

Favorite way to hydrate:

Julie: Water!!
Elizabeth: Water

Favorite post-workout fuel:

Julie: Banana, egg white omelette
Elizabeth: Starbucks!

When I’m not spinning I like to…

Julie: Shop online, see art, go to Broadway show
Elizabeth: Do yoga 

What I wear when I’m feeling adventurous:

Julie: Sequins!
Elizabeth: Hiking boots

Most unexpected item in my gym bag:

Julie: An Elsa doll (my 4-year old daughter’s)
Elizabeth: I use my purse….no gym bag! 

I stay inspired by...

Julie: Spending time with my husband 
Elizabeth: “The pack”

Craziest gear I own:

Julie: Zip up Y3 silver hoodie and harem pants
Elizabeth: I’ve tried every gimmick – too many to say

Must-have studio tool:

Julie: Indoor cycling shoes
Elizabeth: Towel

To stay organized on the go:

Julie: Clean out bag every day, pack night before
Elizabeth: Keep it simple 

Braids or pony:

Julie: Pony
Elizabeth: Braids!

My best gym-to-street tips:

Julie: Tom Ford perfume, Moroccan Oil for sleek post-pony, great coat to throw over tights and sneakers 
Elizabeth: A good jacket and eau de something – have to smell good! (S. Maria Novella – orange blossom water) 

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