In My Gym Bag: Getting Fab With The Co-Founder of Fabletics

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand – especially when it comes to working out. Yet we still believe we need to sacrifice style for comfort, comfort for style, or dish out a small fraction of our savings to get the best of both worlds. Enter Fabletics, co-founded by superstar mom, athlete, and designer Ginger Ressler and actress extraordinaire Kate Hudson, that’s providing one of our favorite fitnesswear solutions yet. Fabletics is subscription-based and suggests gear to go with your unique profile – so whether you’re running, hiking, lifting, yoga-posing, or just bopping around town, you’re ready for action.

As Fabletics’ Chief Stylist, Ginger is passionate about creating fitnesswear that’s right for everybody and every body. Ginger is an fitness-lover to the core, having developed a passion for running at an early age, which then led her to compete as a Division I Track athlete in college as well as graduating with a degree in Kinesiology. After years of teaching physical education classes and modeling for top fitness brands (while simultaneously raising three young, sports-loving boys; NBD!), Ginger has a keen sense for what’s needed in great fitnesswear. Fitnesswear pieces need to roll with the punches, function at a high level and keep a girl looking great. Together with Kate, Ginger rolled all her experience, passion and great taste into Fabletics. Their line of comfortable, cute, functional and affordable clothes cater to the day-to-day life of active women perfectly.

Whether you’re a Crossfit champ, a mom on the go, a weekend warrior, or yoga fiend, Fabletics has got a little something for every woman. Take a peek into Ginger’s gym bag and steal a few tips from her tried-and-true fitness routine to get you feeling fab.


Ginger Ressler.

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

The moment my feet hit the floor – it’s always been in my DNA. Fitness is my passion and something that’s a part of my everyday life.

Favorite workout:

Functional circuit training because it burns the most calories and you’re working multiple body parts at once.

Favorite activewear staples:

The Eureka top from Fabletics is one of my favorite items to wear because it accentuates your figure and shows the definition in your arms even though you’re covered up. I also love our Rio Run capri.

Favorite fitness footwear:

Nike Flyknits. They are super lightweight and it feels like you’re walking on air.

I stay inspired by…

Top female athletes like Dara Torres and Clutch athlete Angi Greene. I know how much work it takes to get to that level and, as a mom, I respect them for the hard work and the balancing act they have to do as mothers and athletes.

Favorite hair accessories:

I always wear a headband and a good hair tie when working out.

Must-have gadgets:

My three sons! My iPhone 6 Plus also keeps me on schedule. I love my Beats headphones for listening to tunes.

On my workout playlist…

It’s an eclectic mix. I have everything from old school jams by RunDMC and Stone Temple Pilots to Ed Sheeran to Beyonce to country music!

Most unexpected item in my gym bag:

A box of Chewy SweeTarts!

Favorite way to hydrate:

I have been drinking AQUAhydrate for years – it’s my favorite water. 

Favorite post-workout fuel:

A Pressed Juicery Greens 1 with a chicken breast and veggies. 

Fave quickie workout:

There’s no such thing as a quickie workout for me! I prioritize and always make sure I can get in a full workout.

Healthiest daily habit:

Giving the most love I can give to my husband and kids and making sure we all laugh.

Personal fitness tip:

Consistency is key to maintaining a successful fitness regimen.

Current mantra:

If you’re not going to give 100%, why do it? Make it count!

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