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In My Gym Bag: 12 Must-Have Pieces For Outdoor Workouts
Fitness Guru Leather Jump Rope

Quiz time: what's the easiest, most efficient and effective way to work out like you did when you were a kid? That's right - jumping rope! Small enough to stash in any bag, bang out some high-intensity intervals wherever you go with this classic piece of fitness gear that works wonders for just about anyone. We love this chic, grown-up take on the jump rope by West Elm and Brooklyn-based gym Fitness Guru, made with fine leather and wooden handles.

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Take it outside! Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of all nature has to offer – and what better time to soak it in than while you sweat it out? Whether you’re literally running out your door and around the block, looking to do some HIIT training in the park, or even pick up your yoga practice by the beach, here’s what we’re packing for all our outdoor workouts…

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