What good is it to pamper your skin with high-performance organic skincare at the hands of the best facialists in town if when you sit at your vanity to “put on your face,” you pile on powder and lipgloss full of unfriendly ingredients? To bring the whole skincare experience full-circle, why not rely on lipcolors, cheek stains and foundations that actually nourish skin and keep it young and dewy? We focus on that kind of makeup here at The Chalkboard, and we’re in love with this new capsule collection of colors from La Bella Figura Beauty. Co-Founder Victoria Fantauzzi is the mastermind behind this summer’s A Night For Green Beauty, bringing together a dozen of our favorite non-toxic beauty brands for a night of guilt-free shopping and green bonding – and she’s bringing a stash of this brand new swag along with her for the big night.

We’ve been wearing the new creamy golden corrective highlighter, Brazilian Denise, since we first got our hands on it, and are thrilled for everyone to try it next week at ANFGB!

Here’s Victoria with a little insight about new line and what inspired this skincare guru to launch truly beautifying makeup…

The Chalkboard Mag: LBF is known for deeply nourishing skincare. We love that you’ve made nourishing makeup. Is this eye shadow akin to an eye cream? Please say yes!

Victoria Fantauzzi: Our eye shadow is in the form of a soothing luxe cream. I personally prefer creamy products over dry ones because I think they look so much better on the skin, and we wanted a product that would nourish the delicate skin on your eyes while providing gorgeous, buildable color. A winning situation.

TCM: The move from skincare to makeup is a natural one. But what made you decide on this capsule of specific products?

VF: Honestly, a lot of highlighters don’t compliment the complexion enough and can leave you looking sullen and waxy. We wanted one that added pure radiance to all skin tones. It’s like wearing a bit of sunshine on your face. I love the smoky nighttime look, but thought, what if you could wear a sophisticated smoky eye during the day without looking too brassy? More sleek and modern. An orchid hued cheek color and a bold crimson have always been staple items for us so it made sense to start our collection with these key pieces. The fun part is you could use the crème blush as a lip color, the lip color as blush and if you’re really adventurous apply a little of the gold highlighter over the smoky eye. That’s the real fantastic part of a collection like this. You can be super creative and have fun experimenting.

TCM: You have such a knowledge of skin care “superfoods.” Talk to us about a few in the new makeup line.

VF: From the very beginning we wanted the makeup line to be as much about the skincare benefits as it is about color. I think more and more women that are making the change into a healthy lifestyle and using natural products want to up their game when it comes to their makeup. Incorporating antioxidants was really important because most of us wear makeup from morning until we take it off at night and we felt strongly about including elements that provide tons of support for the skin. We added kakadu plum extract known for its high vitamin C concentration, acai oil for resveratrol benefits, barbary fig seed oil for amino acids and vitamin E. Each product contains ingredients that helps soothe, heal and target specific areas on the face. It’s really an exciting advancement in makeup.

TCM: We love the gold-flecked highlighter. What is the best way to set these creamy colors?

VF: The highlighter is fun and sexy to wear. It can create cheekbones where none exist with the right touch on top of the cheekbones to provide an illuminating appearance. I also like dabbing a touch inside the eyes because it accentuates while making you look alert and the subtle gold color is so lovely. You can also just wear it bare and know you’re putting quality skincare on your face, and at the same time you’re adding a healthy radiant glow.

TCM: These creams all have a light scent. What is it?

VF: The line is all plant-based, free from talc, beeswax, synthetic colors or skin-clogging mineral oils. The pretty scent is from the sweetest rose flower wax at the base of the makeup. We also use creamy African marfura butter for emolliency and nourishment, and supercritical extracts from herbs and botanicals. We don’t add superficial fragrance to our products; it just smells amazing from the combination of natural ingredients.

TCM: You’re launching at ANFGB; what can people expect?

VF: We’re so excited to launch on this special night where we celebrate beauty with all of the other great brands joining us and the public that loves this event. We have a makeup artist who will be offering complimentary makeup looks featuring our collection, so everyone can see, smell and touch for themselves and shop the products on that day. It’s going to be so much fun to debut.

TCM: Three other new products you’re dying to try at ANFGB:

VF: I love so many of these brands and the products they create, but I’m most excited to try the shimmering gold marula body oil by African Botanics, new perfume scents by Lurk Perfumes and the luxury enzyme soap by Osmia. I am bringing back a dozen of those home with me!

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