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In My Gym Bag: 12 Must-Have Pieces For Outdoor Workouts
FP Movement x Pistache Custom Painted Surf Board

Confession: we've never been on a surfboard (hello bucket list!), but we'd be down to catch a wave on one of these boards in a heartbeat. Each surfboard in the Free People x Pistache sufboard collaboration features one-of-a-kind, hand-painted artwork, and are designed by legends Phil Grace, Brett Warner, and Mark Phipps - who build surfboards for ultimate performance. Prefer a longboard? Go for this gorgeous blue beauty designed by Quiksilver Surfboards' Phil Grace, who makes boards for top ASP surfers.

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Take it outside! Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of all nature has to offer – and what better time to soak it in than while you sweat it out? Whether you’re literally running out your door and around the block, looking to do some HIIT training in the park, or even pick up your yoga practice by the beach, here’s what we’re packing for all our outdoor workouts…

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