While your fave celeb might seem to glow from within and radiate health year-round, the truth is that even A-listers have to go to great lengths to stay gorgeous and sun-safe this season as they hit up the outdoors – from island beaches to summer hikes.

With her no-nonsense health guide, The Body Book, flying off shelves, and a glow that never seems to fade, we’d take Cameron Diaz’s health advice any season of the year, but especially in summer when staying gorg in the sun is of utmost priority! As we hit the final stretch of summer and fit in the last rays of golden sun, Cameron is sharing these killer tips with us – from beach bag staples to perfect skin tricks. Take a cue from Cam’s blog Our Body Book and spend the rest of this season in style! Here’s Cameron…

The Sun! Our friend. Our enemy.  It brings many of us out to bask in its glory on beaches and campgrounds and hiking trails during these summer months, and it also sends many of us into hiding under hats and umbrellas on those same beaches. A little of it gives us humans Vitamin D. Too much of it and we know it can also give us skin cancer. We also know it is the catalyst for all life.

Every bite of food, from a tomato and quinoa salad to a grilled chicken breast, contains energy that can be traced back to the sun. Every species on Earth relies upon the sun for energy. Most of all, we know it is a force that should be respected and therefore we should be prepared to live with it in harmony.

Cam’s Tips For Ultimate Sun Protection

Pre-Sun Care:

Drink plenty of water. Lather yourself with at least a 30-SPF sunscreen (which protects you from 97% of the UVB rays) fifteen minutes before you expose yourself to the sun or water so it can be absorbed thoroughly into your skin. Have a meal that contains protein, complex carbohydrates and greens or veggies, to get your nutrients and keep you energized through potential fatigue that is sometimes caused by the sun and its heat.

Apply sunscreen before putting on your suit! Think of sunscreen application like you’re putting on a thorough layer of body moisturizer; get it into every nook and cranny, including your bikini edge. We don’t want you doing that awkward dance on the beach where you’re trying not to let your bits slip out while trying  to apply under your bikini edges. If you put on your sundress or shorts in between your home and the place where your sunning will commence, make sure you reapply where your clothing has touched and allow that to set again before heading into water or any kind of physical activity where you might sweat.

Remember to always reapply your sunscreen if you’ve been laying down and had contact with any material that might have rubbed your protective layer off. An uneven suntan is one thing, but an uneven sunburn…that’s special. So make sure you keep track of your sunscreen application. It’s a bright and sunny world out there, and it’s best to maximize its benefits.

In The Sun:

Drink plenty of water. Re-up your sunscreen, especially if you’re sweating or in water. For our fairer friends, wear a hat, use an umbrella, and wear sleeves.

Eat snacks with a high water content like watermelon or grapes. Try to avoid alcohol and too much caffeine while you’re in the sun, since both of these are diuretics and induce the exit of water from the body.

Post-Sun Care:

Drink plenty of water (yes, more water!). This is now the time to replenish your water levels internally and externally. When you shower after a day in the sun, use warm water and gentle soaps, both to avoid further drying, by further pulling out your body’s naturally producing oils. A gentle exfoliating loofah or body sponge will remove dead/dry skin as well; just don’t do it right before or right after exposure to avoid irritation.

A great trick for maximum moisture is to apply jojoba, coconut or any other natural oil right as you get out of the shower, when you are still damp, as it will absorb and retain better than on dry skin (picture a dry sponge versus a wet one; the wet sponge absorbs more water faster). Just take care you don’t get oil on your floor and slip, of course!

Cameron’s Top 10 Beach Bag Essentials

Egyptian Magic

All of your summer activities will be helped by this brilliant concoction. Egyptian Magic is made from all natural ingredients like olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis. Put it on bug bites to immediately stop itching, on sunburns to soothe, and on your lips to protect and moisturize.

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With a built-in easy to apply brush, this sunscreen is perfect for home or on the go. Powdered sunscreen is ideal for sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts caused by lotion-based products. Friendly powder is great for everyday use and is excellent for physical activities. An added bonus is that it’s water and sweat proof!

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This line is now widely available in the US – you can even find at your local drug store. If you prefer a liquid lotion sunscreen to powder, this one is lightweight and works well on sensitive skin.

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Eminence Facial Recovery Oil

A drop goes a long way to relieve any dryness in your skin from the sun and water. A drop on each cheek after your shower will do wonders.

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BPA-free Water Bottle

Good old fashioned water, and lots of it. There are so many BPA-free choices out there. Pick one and drink up!

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Healthy Snacks

homemade or store-bought bar, such as KIND bars, are tasty and perfect.

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Cute Sunglasses

Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays may cause eye damage, so find some cute sunnies and wear them!

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Panama-style Hat

Protect your delicate scalp with a stylish panama-style hat while you’re in the sun for any extended period of time. When you head into the water, try putting your hair back in a ponytail with the bulk of your hair covering your scalp.

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Mesh Bag

Store your gear in a mesh bag available online or locally at Whole Foods. In the mood for a DIY? Try adding some hardware for this chic look.

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This wonder-cloth smoothes and exfoliates your skin better than any washcloth or loofah ever could. A total game-changer, you will never shower without it again.

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For more summertime tips straight from Cameron – plus her beachy must-reads and summertime playlist – head on over to Our Body Book!

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