You’re boarding your flight — and what’s running through your mind? Dreams about your next destination, concerns about your luggage, and wondering when it’s cool to whip out your sheet mask.

Protecting ourselves from electromagnetic frequencies may be the last thing on most of our minds, but it’s a reality we should learn up on and take a few measures to manage. Our girl Mariah Lyons of Astara Collective (see the gear) is shedding some light on EMFs at home and while in the air….

Travel helps to boost our emotional and mental health. And while it is incredible for the soul, airplane travel can be hard on our physical health and taxing to the system, hence why the term jet lag exists. When we experience fatigue from flying the body is working to adjust to new time zones, but it is also working to release environmental toxins and radiation from the body. Modern conveniences in airplanes now boast Wi-Fi and streaming services so,in addition to the already high cosmic radiation exposure we receive naturally in-flight, harmful EMF exposure is very high.

Why Is EMF Exposure Higher When Flying?

Radio, electric and magnetic frequencies, as well as cosmic radiation, all contribute to EMF exposure. ‘Cosmic’ radiation is high-energy radiation from the sun, stars and even from distant galaxies. Reasons for this influx of radiation at aviation levels is because of the high altitude and thin air, which means fewer atmospheric molecules are deflecting cosmic rays, thus allowing for more radiation to penetrate the airplane. Cosmic rays at aviation altitude range from neutrons, electrons, high-energy protons, atomic nuclei and even some X-rays and gamma rays — it’s essentially radiation soup. In fact, during a routine flight from NY to LA the body absorbs about as much radiation as from a panoramic dental X-ray. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention even classifies airline crew members as radiation workers.

What Can I Do To Combat EMF Exposure In Flight?

We are exposed to more EMFs than ever before while traveling, but you don’t need to stop flying. Support your system by adding a few additional protocols to your normal in-flight procedures. With a few small adjustments, and adding herbs and supplements, you can assist your body in its natural detoxification process, support the immune system, support the nervous system and help regulate sleep patterns, all of which are are adversely affected by travel. Here are a few things to consider…


+ Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps the body remove toxins and increases natural electrical energy flow within the body.

+ Bring chlorophyll drops or tablets for water — it increases detoxification with a boost of antioxidants.

EMF Protection chlorophyll dropsphoto credit:  Harlow Portland

+ Bring your own snacks to avoid additional stress on your body from preservative and sugar-laden in-flight offerings.

+ For overnight flights, take melatonin to regulate sleep cycle. EMFs have been proven to disrupt pineal melatonin levels, which affects sleep cycles and natural circadian rhythm. These levels will already be off due to red-eye or transatlantic flights, and supplementation helps to balance melatonin levels.

+ If there is the option, go without Wi-Fi. Call to see if your flight offers Wi-Fi during service. Most U.S. airlines are fully Wi-Fi connected now, however some European flights are not.

At the Airport

+ Avoid the full-body scanner. At the security gate, tell TSA you would like a manual pat-down instead of going through the full-body scanner. Some tests suggest that full-body scanners expose your body to 130,000,000 microwatts of radiation, higher amounts than flying itself. The opt-out generally takes longer than the scanner, but if you are a frequent traveler it is worth the wait (allow for an extra 10 to 15 minutes).

+ Avoid charging stations. Make sure your phone is sufficiently charged and you have a back-up charger. Charging stations at terminals are highly concentrated areas of harmful EMFs, so better to use your own, or if you need to charge at a station walk at least six feet away.

+ Turn your phone on airplane mode when at the airport. With most passengers inside the airport searching for Wi-Fi or cell signals, there is already plenty of radio frequencies penetrating the air. Instead, read a book or listen to music with tubed anti-radiation earphones.

Boarding + In-Flight

+ Be last to board. You might lose out on overhead space, but it’s less time in the airplane. Within the airplane itself, highest amounts of EMFs come from jet engines, Wi-Fi modems, cockpit computers, airplane electrical wiring, EMFs inside the fuselage, electrical sensors and from communications equipment. The airplane itself is metallic which holds and intensifies the frequencies within the plane. The less time in the actual plane, the lesser the amount of exposure.

+ Choose your seat. Try not to select a seat directly above the jet engine or next to the Wi-Fi modems.

+ Keep phone on airplane mode  …from boarding the plane until exit, if possible. Most passengers use phones for last minute calls and emails before they are required to turn them off for the duration of the flight, therefore moments before and after landing are highly concentrated with EMFs.

+ Stay hydrated. Use chlorophyll tabs, fulvic and/or humic minerals for increased antioxidants and help remineralizing the body. Add these superfoods to water or juice.

+ Nix caffeine and alcohol. Instead of coffee or a glass of wine, both of which are extremely dehydrating and taxing to the already overburdened liver, opt for water with electrolytes or hot water and your favorite adaptogenic herbs.

EMF Protection crystal sandals+ Wear grounding shoes. This helps your body stay connected to the frequency of the Earth (7.83hz), helps calm the nervous system, lowers inflammation, helps the body adjust to its natural circadian rhythm, assists the body’s response to stress and helps to protect against harmful effects of EMFs. Here’s what you need to know.

+ Wear blue-light blocking glasses. Blue-light blocking lenses help protect from blue light emitted from digital screens and artificial light, as well as the increased UV and sunlight on flights.

+ Call on crystals. Shungite, black onyx, black tourmaline and amazonite all help mitigate the effects of EMFs in-flight. Bring small stones in your bag and keep them on your body or place on service tray.

EMF protection doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Do deep breaths and work to maintain a positive mindset. Don’t stress too much about the added EMFs, enjoy your travels and the ease for which modern travel allows. As with everything, moderation is key, therefore in periods of intense travel pay closer attention to radiation exposure levels and commit to spending more time outdoors in nature, up your self-care, go to bed earlier, limit social media and cellphone time, meditate more and stay hydrated — these all help to restore balance within.

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