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Manifestation is as real as you allow it to be. When we pour our purified intentions into our aspirations in a meaningful way, the universe has a way of bringing supporting our efforts. Manifestation is very personal, but there’s a magic to opening up and sharing your process with trusted friends. We love this idea from Philosophie founder, Sophie Jaffe, for hosting a manifestation party. Break out the palo santo and spend a night manifesting with a few friends who get it…

Manifestations are the sum of our intentions and aspirations coming into fruition. Manifestations identify goals, aspirations and desires, and are created through pure intention. I’m constantly in awe of the magic of the whole thing and the ability to step outside your ego.

A little over 7 months ago I brought a magical little baby earthside. Before her creation, there was always this part of me that felt incomplete. I would dream of a baby girl.

I imagined adventures together as a family of five, but life wasn’t in alignment. I called myself out on not fully showing up to this decision. That out of fear, out of wanting things to stay in the easy flow, I was denying myself one of the most rewarding pleasures in all of life: raising a little girl. It was then that I spoke my intentions into reality. I created a dream scenario/moving meditation that entailed waking up in my bedroom to the sound of our baby girl’s coo from the basket beside the bed and envisioned her with me every step of the day. I believe I manifested, or womb-ifested, this dream into a reality.

It’s amazing what happens when you really and truly step into your life, face your fears, process it ALL and show up 100%.

Manifestations work because you consciously put in the work and the steps to align with your intentions. It’s a practice like anything else and it requires an input of energy. The best place to begin is meditating, calling them out and speaking them to the Universe whether it’s on paper or in your heart. Begin planting the seeds for your manifestations and map out the steps with a manifestation party.

Manifestation parties are a beautiful way to set intentions, clear out energy, gain clarity and connect through communal energy. It is primarily based on communal ritual and personal reflection.

Gather Your Tools

Palo Santo or Sage | A smudging and cleansing ritual is a great way to welcome your guests and clear away any negative or stagnant energy in your space. Since manifestation involves making space in our lives for something new to enter, sometimes old energy needs to be cleansed. The best way to do this is clear the energy from your home before your guests arrive with Palo Santo or Sage (I’m in love with Palo Santo, it’s so inviting) and as each guest arrive cleanse them when they come in. It’s a beautiful way to set the vibe and cultivate positive, uplifting energy.

a Guided meditation | Maybe you’re comfortable with leading a short meditation for your guests or you can use the one found online or through apps like Calm and Headspace. Meditation is a great way to call in intentions and elevate your vibrations. Meditation and visualization will allow your subconscious to show itself to you so you can align it to what you’re calling in whether that’s more financial stability or a deeper connection in a relationship.

Vision boards | Vision boards are the best way to put your manifestations down on paper and help you clarify your intention and clearly visualize what you want. Set out poster paper, magazines, and craft supplies for your guests to dig in and get creative. Encourage guests to bring anything that will really call out for them on a vision board.

Your favorite crystals | Is there any party favor better than a crystal? I think not! You could have a table full of small crystals for them to pick from or give one to each guest as they come in. Crystals help connect and ground your energy as you align with your intentions and call them out to the Universe. I’m a fan of citrine and clear quartz for manifesting.

soothing lattes + tonics  | After a season of holiday indulgences, it feels SO good to lovingly care for your body and fuel it with nutrient-dense, healing food and drinks. In addition to a fun fruit and veggie board, why not make some delicious detoxifying Cacao Magic lattes and superfood tonics. Not only are they satisfying but oh so good.

an angel card/tarot card deck | Angel and tarot cards are a great way to tap into your inner wisdom and receive support from spirit and magic of the Universe. I currently love The Wild Unknown and The Moon Deck. Did you know you are a spiritual being having a human experience? Sometimes your human self can block messages from your spiritual self. Use cards as a way of tapping into your intuition, inspiration and creative powers.

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