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Part art, part attitude. We’re not totally sure how to pronounce it, but we certainly know what it feels like. We’re exploring hygge, the Danish concept of coziness, with recommendations for ways to take the lifestyle trend to heart.

If you don’t know how to hygge, don’t fret; there’s no exact formula to follow. The idea is all about creating a warm atmosphere at home, enjoying simple pleasures and little moments that bring big joy. This can be as simple as lighting a favorite candle and curling up with a fuzzy throw, knit socks and a cup of cocoa.

Hygge is a style and state of being, and we love the way it looks. Here are a few tangible ways we’re turning that hygge way of life into a habit. Pick a few to play with, or combine together for best results…

Things in Bowls: Don’t even try to get cozy with a plate. We love the feeling of diving into a bowl of warming food like kitchari, rice pudding or seasonal veggies with the works.

Knit to Wit: Loopy oversized knit throws would win the hygge awards if they existed. Make your own with a kit from Loopy Mango.

Drinkable Hygge: Sip, savor, repeat. Find a favorite mug and fill it with something special: lattestonics, teas and herbal infusions can all provide a peaceful moment of drinkable bliss.

Simple Habits: Hygge is about tapping into a certain state of mind, where you can be encapsulated by calm. Simple habits like journaling, meditating, or mindful breathing can get you there. Even the act of making more time for activities you love is part of the hygge way of life.

Reading Lists: Commit to a little less digital engagement and a little more reading this season. We love this list of essential reads from our wellness library. Looking for something a little more laid back? Flip through the pages of a pretty cookbook and plan a meal to share with people you love.

All About Atmosphere: Make your home your happy place. Go for warm light and soft textures; create a hygge haven by lighting up a non-toxic candle or diffusing a calming essential oil; allow an album to transport you (go old-school with vinyl to avoid the urge to skip through too quickly).

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