For some, the thought of eating healthfully brings to mind new-fangled foods and foreign practices that have nothing to do with the foods we’re used to. But, the truth is, there are super-simple changes that can be easily made in order to get better nutrition and a cleaner diet!

Our June Guests, James and Laurentine, have dialed in on a few keys to a healthy diet in their latest book, Hungry for Change. Just as their documentary, Food Matters, reveals the truth about natural health and healing, Hungry For Change (a documentary and accompanying book) breaks down the keys to healthy natural weight-loss and good nutrition.

Although there is a sea of information out there about healthy ways to maintain a balanced weight, we love this simple advice from James and Laurentine on swapping out pantry and fridge staples for a few healthier alternatives.

Note their easy tips below or do one better and enter to win their great new book on keeping you body slim and trim through natural means.

Try This, Not That: 12 Simple Swaps Up Your Daily Staples

Milking It:

TRY THIS: Organic milk, raw milk, nut milks like almond or macadamia

NOT THAT: Conventional milk

Loafing Around:

TRY THIS: Whole grain pumpernickel bread, organic whole sourdough or buckwheat crackers

NOT THAT: White bread and rolls

In A Bowl:

TRY THIS: Steel-cut oats, porridge, quinoa and buckwheat

NOT THAT: Processed boxes of cereal

Spread It On:

TRY THIS: Hummus or avocado mashed with apple cider vinegar and mustard

NOT THAT: Conventional mayonnaise

Use Your Noodle:

TRY THIS: Raw spiralized vegetables like zucchini, buckwheat soba noodles, rice noodles

NOT THAT: Bleached wheat pasta

Got Munchies:

TRY THIS: Nuts, flaxseed or buckwheat crackers with pesto, hummus, olive tapenade, guacamole, salsa verde or organic pate

NOT THAT: Chips and dips

Salt and Savor:

TRY THIS: Unrefined grey sea salt, dried seaweed flakes, miso paste, tamari sauce

NOT THAT: Table salt

Sweet Treats:

TRY THIS: Non-dairy coconut ice cream, avocado chocolate mousse, quick banana ice cream, quinoa or rice pudding

NOT THAT: Ice cream, cake and cookies

Sweeten The Deal:

TRY THIS: Stevia, coconut sugar, raw honey or pure maple syrup

NOT THAT: White sugar

Brewed Up:

TRY THIS: Green, roasted dandelion, chicory root, chamomile, jasmine, nettle or mint tea

NOT THAT: Coffee and tea

Shake It Up:

TRY THIS: Berry yogurt smoothie, superfood smoothie or freshly squeezed green juice

NOT THAT: Milkshakes and slushies

Fizzy Sparkle:

TRY THIS: Fresh juices, sparkling mineral water with lime, ginger and mint

NOT THAT: Soda and energy drinks

Get Fed: Win Hungry For Change!

Win a copy of James and Laurentine’s new book, Hungry For Change, by leaving your comment below! Tell us the simple swaps that make a big difference to you – may the best winner comment win! Good luck, readers…

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