Huckleberry Bakery pastries

Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe in Santa Monica is just the kind of cozy, local cafe we dream of finding in every city we visit. This classic LA cafe has hosted more Chalkboard breakfast meetings than we can count and is consistently one of our favorite spots for a good veggie salad or gluten-free treat.

Huckleberry is the baby of chef Zoe Nathan and husbnad Josh Loeb, who fell in love while working in their top-rate restaurant, Rustic Canyon. Their collective dream was to open a neighborhood artisan bakery and café, and Huckleberry is just that. We shot Nathan at home years ago and have shared a few killer recipes from Huckleberry over the years.

Here are our favorite Huckleberry moments on the site, including that time we learned how to make pancakes in Zoe’s kitchen. Get your cozy fix here…

Huckleberry Bakery muffins

Gluten-Free Banana Muffins | Chef Zoe Nathan’s gluten-free muffins are the kind of health food we hope the future is made of. They’re better than any traditionally-made baked goodies we’ve ever tried, made with cleaner ingredients, and generally better for our bodies. LEARN MORE


Huckleberry Bakery chai latteSpiced Chai Latte | Zoe Nathan certainly knows the value of a good cup of hot tea to match her drool-worthy baked creations. Her fresh spice-infused version of a chai latte, made with Pressed Juicery almond milk, is a seasonal staple. LEARN MORE

Huckleberry Bakery pancakesThe Perfect Pancakes | With spent a cozy morning at home with Zoe, where we learned how to make the perfect stack of pancakes. LEARN MORE

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