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If your current Skincare routine isn’t producing the results you deserve, it may be time to consider eating more fermented foods. The state of our skin is a reflection of our overall health — and if you’ve learned anything from us, you already know that good gut health is at the heart of holistic well-being. Known for their gut-healing properties, fermented foods might be the key to a more balanced complexion.

One skincare blogger, Celeste Thomas of The True Spoon, completely changed the condition of her problematic skin by harnessing the beauty-boosting benefits of fermented foods. Below, Celeste is sharing her journey and some key tips to turn up your glow…

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It might sound embellished, but fermented foods transformed my life. I suffered from acne from when I was fourteen until about twenty-four, so a solid ten-years of strife. I was relying on an artist’s toolbox of makeup to hide my struggling skin. A natural, less-is-more beauty look was not in the cards for me — or so I thought. In 2014, my LA wellness bestie invited me to a home fermentation workshop, led by the glorious goddess Lacy Phillips of Free + Native. Lacy taught us the holistic benefits of fermenting specific foods to treat ailments and improve skin quality.

I raced home to practice my skills, utilizing Lacy’s ancient recipe and mother bacteria to create my own magical jars. As soon as they had alchemized, I started incorporating daily spoonful’s of krauts, kimchis and veggies into my diet. As the weeks passed, I started to see gradual improvements in my skin — fewer zits, more glow! Soon thereafter, compliments from friends, coworkers and absolute strangers started pouring in. People, including my favorite grocery checker, were noticing a substantial shift in my appearance. Beyond the visible, I felt more alert, energized and strong, as if I reached a new level of physical vitality.

Forever inquisitive, I began to study the physiological explanation behind my internal and external strides. Utilizing evidenced-based research studies, I learned how these ancient microbes promote a vibrant healthy body and help holistically highlight natural beauty. Don’t worry loves, I won’t bore you with all the details, just a concise highlight reel of useful science.

How Do Fermented Foods Impact Heath + Wellness?they bolster healthy gut flora | Ingesting happy microbes from fermented foods creates an ecosystem of supportive microbiota in your GI system. These friendly bacteria live primarily in our large intestine and prevent illness-causing microbial invaders (like acne bacteria).

they Aid in digestion | The acidic by-products of live ferments assist in the breakdown of the micronutrients and macronutrients in our diets, especially the difficult-to-digest lactose. This happy digestive aid can drastically reduce belly bloat, water retention, skin inflammation and overall puffiness (you know, the anti-contour).

they Help with nutrient absorption | With the help of ferments, digested nutrients are transformed into their most bioavailable form. Bioavailable nutrients are quickly and easily used by the body for all of its many functions. Calcium bioavailability is greatly enhanced with the presence of acid from the lactobassilic bacteria found in ferments, a hugely important micronutrient for skin regeneration.

anad they Make your skin glow | The process of fermentation also synthesizes beauty boosting nutrients including vitamin B12, folic acid and biotin for shiny hair and glowy skin.

Where Can I Find Fermented Foods?

Inspired to give this ancient beauty hack du jour a go? I wholeheartedly hope you do! There are wonderful brands that offer ready-made fermented foods at a somewhat premium price, and many can be found at health food stores all over the country. If you want a cheaper, more sustainable option, you can always do what I did and make yours at home.

Home fermenting is fantastically affordable and relatively easy with a touch of patience. If you don’t have a new wave workshop center in your community, not to worry, I’ve developed a home fermentation ebook for you! It details all the steps necessary to successfully make fermented foods from the comfort of your own home. It’s easy, fun and the perfect excuse to get all your best babes together for some beneficial bonding.

Homemade or store bought, incorporating a spoonful of fermented foods into your daily diet is the best way to truly boost your glow game. And once you do, don’t be surprised when the compliments start rolling in.

Grab a gorgeously clean recipe for collard green wraps from Celeste Thomas here.

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