Jade Roller, Who? We’re All About The Beauty Wand Now – Here’s How To Use It

So, you got yourself a jade roller. And then came the gua sha. Now you can’t live without a collection of beauty tools — and we’re right there with you. Here’s another pretty piece to add to your hoard: the beauty wand.

We recently snagged a beauty wand at The Detox Market and we’ve been playing around with it to alleviate tension, mitigate under-eye puffiness, and increase collagen production by stimulating the soft tissue of the face.

A beauty wand can be used in the morning along with your AM skincare routine or on the go for a quick pick-me-up. Here’s how to use this white turquoise version to smoothe, depuff and help your skincare products better absorb…

Benefits of A Beauty Wand

Smooth + Circulate| Massaging your skin boosts circulation, increasing the flood of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your skin. This allows your skin to dispell excess fluid, heal and rejuvenate.

product penetration | The gentle massaging motion of using our beauty wand can help work treatments, such as serums and oils, deeper into the skin. This helps to boost their effectiveness, by making sure they are delivering their ingredients into the skin.

Reduce inflammation | Puffiness can be due to stagnation of lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage can actually have an effect on acne. So using a tool that helps aid in the expulsion of toxins from the skin can help reduce redness, inflammation, and breakouts. Plus, this calming selfcare ritual can help reduce the need to pick at breakouts, which can cause further inflammation and lead to more blemishes.

How To Use A Beauty Wand

Start at the chin, and wiggle horizontally out to the hairline. Pressure should be light and comfortable on the skin. Move up to the nose, and wiggle from the corner of the nose out towards the ears. Use the small end of the jade roller, and place it in the inner corner of the eye. Wiggle out toward the temples. Place the wand on the eyebrows, and wiggle downwards, ending at the temples. Wiggle from the eyebrows upwards to the hairline, moving across the forehead.

SkinOwl white turquoise beauty wand | Crafted entirely from white turquoise, known for its grounding and calming qualities, this multitasking wand aims to reduce facial tension and puffiness, encourage lymphatic drainage, and stimulate circulation for a rejuvenated appearance. Tip: Keep one on your desk to relieve muscle aches during your workday! CHECK OUT NOW

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