We don’t know who makes these holidays up, but we’re totally embracing this one: today is National Oyster Day – and we’re going all out.

Salted.tv, an online cooking school that brings together some of the most celebrated chefs in the country, recently featured L.A.’s Chef Fabian Gallardo of Petty Cash Taqueria (check out their recipe for veggie tacos here too!) with this decadent uni-topped oysters tutorial. This is a two-in-one opportunity here folks! One, learn to shuck an oyster like you’ve always meant to. Two, eat the most impressive version you’ve ever tried – uni-covered, mignonette-soaked!

Enjoy Salted’s video, read through the notes at home and celebrate “National Oyster Day” with us! Bonus? Salted is also offering TCM readers two months free…

Raw Oysters with Uni + Mignonette Sauce


cutting board
small kitchen knife
large serving bowl
small bowl
oyster knife
kitchen towel
small spoon


3 medium oysters
3 slices uni
4 Tbsp mignonette
2 slices lime, for garnish


1. Fill a large serving bowl with a generous amount of crushed ice. Place the mignonette in a small bowl and set in the center of the ice. Place two slices of lime on each side of the bowl with the mignonette.

2. Using an oyster knife, shuck each oyster:
Open the oyster by placing the tip of the knife into the hinge of the oyster and twisting the knife.
Once the shell has popped open, remove the top shell and set aside.
Run the knife underneath the oyster to detach it from the bottom shell.
Place the shucked oyster in the half shell directly onto the ice.

3. Place a piece of uni on top of each oyster. Top each oyster with a small spoonful of mignonette. Enjoy! 

By Chef Fabian Gallardo of Petty Cash Taqueria

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