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Take a fresh look at your home. How does it make you feel? Adjust your environment to support your best intentions with this energy clearing, clutter banishing ritual from Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie and organization pro Danyelle D’Andrea of Spatial Soulutions..

It is a brand new year and most likely you’ve set goals to achieve throughout the year. Goals are amazing, but during this potent time of year, I invite you to set intentions in a very specific area of your life: your home.

We don’t actually need to wait until spring to perform spring cleaning. Today is just a good a day as any to set intentions and manifest the way you want to feel in your space. To begin, journal about the following questions.

+ When you come home does your space soothe you?

+ Do you feel at ease or do you put on blinders to shut out the chaos that exists around you?

Everything in your home has the potential to uplift you or deplete you. Whether it is that hallway closet where you shove miscellaneous items you don’t want to look at, the pile of mail sitting on your desk or even that gift your ex-partner gave you, your space is sacred. Everything that exists in it contributes to the energy circulating in your life — both animate and inanimate. So, whether you come home totally exhausted from a tough day at work or a relaxing day out with friends, my wish is that you never have to put blinders on. My hope is that regardless of what happened in the outside world, your space is a safe haven, a space filled with beautiful objects and openness (regardless of the amount of space you have, a sense of openness can always be created).

Decluttering your space is much more powerful than most people realize. There are extremely powerful energetic benefits to decluttering and organizing your environment. In the Eastern tradition of feng shui, the main idea is that everything is energy. So where there is clutter, there is dust and when there is clutter and dust, there is stagnant old energy. Whether the clutter is visible, hidden or both, the energy is stuck.

When there is no space for energy to move and flow, things in your life feel as though they are at a standstill. You carry a sense of heaviness with you. Part of that heaviness comes from the physical clutter and the other part comes from the emotional attachments you have to the things that make up the clutter. There is no void. No opening for energy to move through space with fluidity and ease. Magic happens as you clear out the clutter that has been weighing you down mentally, physically and emotionally.

Below you will find some powerful and intentional methods for decluttering in order to create physical/emotional space in your life so you can manifest the life of your dreams!

How To Set Intentions For Your Home

Step 1: How do you want to feel? What kind of people will you allow into your home? Set an intention for your space.

Step 2: Clear out the negative energy and smudge your space. Get sage or palo santo (or both) and cleanse your environment using these sacred plants that clear negative and unwanted energies.

Step 3: Look around at your environment. What area is calling to you? Is it the “junk closet” the hallway? The mail on your desk? Get really honest with yourself and a bit uncomfortable. Once cleared out, you might find the space and the openness in your closet to mean that there is emptiness. That something is missing. I promise you, nothing is missing. It is in that space, that void, where the magic truly lies. Because through that space energy flows, and you get that much closer to living your best life.

Step 4: Make piles: 1. Donate 2. Keep/Relocate 3. Recycle 4.Trash. As you begin decluttering, place items into their corresponding piles. Group similar items together and give the items permanent homes with purpose. Keep surfaces clear and open and start getting comfortable with the space you have created!

Step 5: Evaluate the area you decluttered. Do you love everything that remains in that space? What function does each item serve in your life and do the items align with the intentions you set for yourself?

Step 6: Reread your intentions. Light a candle and smudge your space once again using Chrysalis room spray, consecrating the intentions you have set and the action you have taken.

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