Um, What just happened? We asked that too when we first watched this video by Alo Yoga of yogi, Aubry Marie rolling those abs like nobody’s business. Turns out, this technique is an ancient yoga practice called nauli, and it offers some incredible cleansing and toning benefits.

Through a crazy-looking, side-to-side rolling motion of our abdominal muscles, nauli can: cleanse and massage our internal organs, strengthen our core, increase ab definition, create core awareness, and activate essential muscle engagement for stronger, lighter and balanced inversions like handstands.

Nauli is not widely taught in most Western yoga classes and can be difficult to perfect, but Aubry promises it can be learned — for absolutely any body type — with perseverance and patience. Weird? Yes. Will we be trying it? Also, definitely, yes. Here’s how…

How to Practice Nauli


Stand with knees bent, feet slightly wider than hip-width. Place hands on top of the thighs. Lower the chin towards the collarbones.


Exhale to empty the lugs, holding the breath. Keep the stomach muscles soft and allow the core to be drawn up toward the chest. Keep the facial muscles soft and look toward the torso. Soften the sides of the chest.


Shift some weight over to one side and roll the muscle that’s often referred to as the “six-pack”) along the back waist and toward that side. Continue to roll in a wave-like motion along the inner rear surface of the abdominal wall. Roll toward the front surface then back to the starting point. Practice several times on each side.

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