Honestly, Jessica Alba’s brand new book confirms everything we suspected about this naturally gorgeous mommy: she’s the real deal. And her commitment to an all-natural lifestyle is something she’s not joking around about. This mama has the in on creating a non-toxic home environment and knows how to pull it all together with style.

As co-founder of The Honest Company and creator of some of the cutest natural baby products around, it was no surprise to flip through Jessica’s new book, The Honest Life, and find practical, yet beautiful guidance on all things green. This recipe for DIY baby food is one of our favorite tips for home and kitchen from the book.

Follow Jessica’s simple-as-can-be recipe and make a week’s worth of homemade baby food in the blink of an eye. The idea might seem daunting at first, but, in her signature style, Jessica breaks the whole process down into just one weekly stint in the kitchen with a few organic veggies and a blender. The simplest route is to make a few of these batches at once and freeze them up, freeing up priceless time and keeping the whole process convenient enough to keep up with it. We encourage you to play around with a few of these flavors til you find a few that your child really loves!

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  • Jessica Alba's Homemade Baby Food Recipe

  • Ingredients

    1 pound of any fresh or frozen organic vegetable, peeled and roughly chopped (carrots, squash cauliflower, broccoli, or any blend thereof)
    3-4 cups chicken stock*
    1 small clove garlic
    1 tsp fresh ginger, diced
    1 tsp sea salt
    1 cup unsweetened apple sauce* or 1-2 bananas (use as much or as little as you like to sweeten baby food)
    1 tsp olive oil

    *Applesauce and stock recipes included in book!

  • Directions

    Bring broth to boil, add vegetables garlic, ginger, and sea salt, and simmer until veggies soften--around 20 minutes, or longer if needed.

    In a blender, puree veggies and stock together with the applesauce or banana and olive oil (work in batches if necessary).

    Store in reusable glass jars or containers so you’ve got a week’s worth of meals ready to go! These also freeze well.

  • Reprinted from The Honest Life by Jessica Alba. Copyright (c) 2013 by Jessica Alba. By permission of Rodale Books. Available wherever books are sold. 

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