Make It By Monday: Chalkboard Pots

Sure, we may be a bit biased here, but we really love all things chalkboard, so it’s obvious why we flipped for this DIY project when we spotted it over at Martha Stewart. Just in time to add some potted herbs to your window sill or some succulents to your home to up the green quotient during winter, we think this Make It By Monday deserves an A+ grade!

  • How to make your own chalkboard planters:

  • Here’s what you’ll need:
    • Chalkboard paint or spray paint
    • Terra cotta planters
    • Chalk or chalk paint
    • Terra cotta sealer
    • Newspapers
  • Here’s how to make it:
    • Lay out newspapers over a table or surface where you’ll be painting so you don’t get anything dirty
    • Paint the portion of the pot with terra cotta sealer
    • Paint the pot with chalkboard paint (use a couple of layers and let it dry for at least a day)
    • Use chalkboard or chalkboard pen to write the name of herbs, feeding/watering needs, or a sweet note to the recipient!
  • Helpful hint:

    For more helpful hints and DIY ideas, check out Martha Stewart

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