Keep that top knot in tact — or don’t. When it comes to online dating lately, Zoom calls are everything and that presents a whole new challenge for almost everybody.

One person who was more equipped than just about everyone else for this dating environment was celeb makeup artist, Katey Denno. Katey had reams of experience making up A-list clients from Naomi Watts to Amanda Seyfried for red carpet and shoots, as well as the impromptu live videos that come up.

Equipped with all the best clean products, tips and tricks we knew Katey was the perfect person to turn to for our first Zoom beauty tutorial which was incredibly popular.

As the year progresses, we thought we’d hit up Katey from a different angle here: that of the Zoom date whose beauty requirements may or may not be a bit more glam.

It just so happens that Katey herself met her long-time boyfriend on Tinder, which only doubles our confidence…

How to Look Good on a Zoom Date

Katey helps top models and celeb clients to look their best on camera. Think she can help you on a Zoom date? You betcha.

Whats your vibe? Depending on your aesthetic and how much effort you’re looking to put into your date, your skincare and makeup plan may follow suit. It’s okay not to do anything. There’s certainly nothing wrong with keeping that top knot intact and simply taking a call from bed, however, if you’re in a new relationship and looking to keep those first date feelings, these beauty tips might help guide the way…

Lighting is everything As extra as it might seem, a circle light really is everything, filling in fine lines and washing out blemishes like nobodies business. If you’re on a call during the day, find bright natural light or strip two lamps of their  lampshades (a pro photo shoot trick Katey  learned from top photographers with clients while traveling).

How to frame yourself: We’ve all been on that Zoom call with an unaware colleague shooting their angle directly up their nose at the least flattering angle. Don’t be that guy – at least when it comes to a Zoom date. Ideally, capture your shot just above the elbow to the top of your head. Check the height of camera to be sure you’re not shooting ‘up your nose,’ so to speak.

Low Glow: Sadly, one thing that Zoom can take away is the natural glow of the skin. Highlight your glowy skin with a bit more shimmer or luminizer than you would for an in-person date.

Balm up: Per Katey’s notes on how to frame your shot, consider including the slightest bit of collarbone or decollate. If you do, toss on a bit of body oil on collarbones to keep skin looking bright through Zoom’s flattening filter.

Highlights | Lowlights: Katey uses Kjaer Weis Lightslip Highlighting Powder Compact, a shimmering powder across collarbones and cheekbones to help skin stand out. Use a fluffy brush and go for it — just remember: hit features you want to accentuate, not the whole face.

Pick a feature: Zoom can also be face flattening. That said, pick a feature — whether eyes of lips — that you’d like to accentuate and bring those out.

Lip lock: Line the heck out of your lips for a fuller look with a product like Kjaer Weis Lip Pencil in a pinky neutral that best matches your natural lip color. Layer on a touch of light-reflective lip gloss like Kosas Wet lip oiland let that pout be the star of the show.

Scented video? No, your date can’t smell your perfume, but you can. A relaxing or romantic scent might set the tone and help you feel like you’re on an actual date. This tip is just for you! Give yourself whatever you need to feel sexy and relaxed. Katey calls out relaxing essential oil blends, romantic perfumes, and even a bit of CBD oil – whether topical or internal – to keep your calm.

Ready to be extra?Fake lashes are great thing to experiment with for an online date — they don’t need to withstand the weather and the normal dramas of a date. All you’ve got to do is get them on and keep them on for a couple of hours at home!

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  1. I don’t know how I nearly missed this post (must’ve been too busy with Thanksgiving stuff last week), but I’m glad I came across it now. Katey is so down-to-earth and her tips are ever so helpful! I wasn’t sure about ring lights but now I’m convinced (although I might try that lamp trick she suggested as well). And that 54 Thrones Ylang Ylang & Orange Blossom Butter sounds divine! I love Orange Blossom and it’s one of those scents that makes me feel pretty whereas lavender makes me feel more relaxed. I agree that scent can help us feel good! Anyway, I love this post! Thanks so much Katey and Chalkboard Mag!

    Blythe | 12.04.2020 | Reply

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