Shape Up In A Snap: How To See Results Right Away

Skinny jeans, short shorts, tank tops, mini dresses, bikinis. Hopefully I’ve got your attention.

There are ways to get results quicker than lugging yourself miserably to the gym every morning, afternoon or night – and I’m going to let you in on a few. Here are my top training tips for those looking to shape up quickly for summer…

1. Don’t forget to drink water. A full glass of water is what I recommend drinking before eating so you don’t mistake hunger for thirst.

2. Nix the sugar and salt. Both these additives cause weight gain in the belly area and hold water retention. Doing a cleanse, such as one from Pressed Juicery, can aid in getting rid of these addictive cravings and the toxins in your body, so it’s ready for a fresh and healthy start!

3. Workouts aren’t only for the gym, so get outside your comfort zone! Go for weekly hikes, do semi-private sessions with a trainer and your best friend, run in a new neighborhood or bike by the beach! Workouts should be fun and challenging, but not dreadful. Do something you enjoy so you don’t burn out.

4. Have healthy friends. Motivation is contagious – so make sure to have and include your spouse and friends in your active lifestyle and plan healthy activities and meals together!

5. Start cooking. You will be healthier, learn about health and feel better about yourself. Plus, my clients who cook lose weight faster and keep it off. Clients love my new cookbook, Cooking Healthy Together, to help them with this easy way to stay fit!

6. Do more strength training. Cardio is not going to get your arms like Jennifer Aniston or Gwyneth Paltrow. Pilates, yoga, resistance bands, push-ups, planks and light weights all help build lean muscle and burn fat away. Get going!

7. Buy workout DVDs if you travel or can’t leave the house. They are perfect because they’re time constrained, exercise specific and you virtually have a personal trainer in your living room! Doesn’t get much simpler (or cheaper) than that.

8. Breathe. My clients who stress about loosing weight never loose it fast. If you just relax, monitor your eating (but make sure to eat) and exercise daily for 30-60 minutes – you will see results without obsessing over them.

9. Stay present. When you exert all your energy at the gym, all you want to do is eat a big steak when you get home to refuel. Huge mistake. After your workout, drink a huge bottle of water and take a shower before you sit down to mindfully choose a healthy meal that will satisfy your hunger but won’t also ruin all your hard work you just did.

10. Size matters…so buy yours! No one wants you see you squeeze into those too-small shorts – it just makes you and everyone around you feel uncomfortable. Be confident with your body and dress to fit your natural sexiness and style. If you feel good, you look good.

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