Deep in the heart of Texas, Kristina runs Rawfully Organic, one of the largest organic produce co-ops in the nation!  Kristina’s own personal passion for raw and organic living inspires her work to teach others about living a more healthy lifestyle.  In our first video with Kristina, shes shares this zingy green smoothie full of life-giving enzymes and green nutrition. Naturally, we love a good  juice or smoothie recipe as it’s the best way to mainline all this fresh fruit and veggies goodness!  This smoothie uses loads of fresh, local farm-grown produce and is sizable enough to keep your charged through a good chunk of your day.  Watch for more of Kristina as we take a peak into her co-op and favorite raw recipes here on The Chalkboard.

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  1. Loved this video..I love Kristina..she is so bright and full of life! It’s so inspiring to see someone following a lifestyle and really thriving and showing the world how it’s done!!! Kristina has the experience and the know how when it comes to smoothies and nutritious foods. She is living proof that you can thrive on raw fruits and vegetable! Right on..this video rocked!

    Victoria Arnstein | 05.08.2012 | Reply
  2. Totally, Victoria! We’re glad you like Kristina too – she’s an inspiration!

    Suzanne Hall | 05.08.2012 | Reply
  3. Love this site

    Lisa clugh | 10.18.2013 | Reply
  4. Do you deliver to other states. I live in Chicago can you deliver here?

    Glendar | 07.23.2014 | Reply
  5. How many times a day should I drink the green weight loss smoothie to loose weight? Also how many weeks should I drink it.? Thank you

    Tami | 04.28.2022 | Reply

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