We’re not above bringing a suitcase full of supplements, adaptogens and protein powder on a weekend escape, but there are easier ways to keep our food vibes high while away. From scoping out markets in advance to committing to colorful meals, we love these simple tips from superfood mama, Sophie Jaffe for how to eat healthy on vacation. Keep this bookmarked for all those warm weather travel adventures

Whether you’ll be out playing in the urban jungle or exploring quaint towns and nature dreamscapes, the best getaways are the ones where you feel energized and balanced throughout and return refreshed and glowing. To help you look and feel like a goddess during and after your trip, here are five simple ways to get in high-vibrational superfoods — without bringing along your entire kitchen!

Pack Nutrient-Rich Snacks

Before hitting the road or the airport, pack a bag of filling, nourishing snacks. Mix up your own trail mix with carob chips, almonds and goji berries. It’ll help ward off hunger and work as a real pick-me-up. Organic dates, prunes and unsalted walnuts or cashews also make ideal sacks. They’re the same kinds of ingredients that you’d find in most energy bars. However, they are more natural and have far less packaging! You can also opt for bars with clean, wholesome ingredients like Elemental Seedbars. These feature dreamy superfoods like lucuma and mulberry.

Map Out the Market

The minute you get to where you are staying, figure out where the closest market, farmers market or health food store is. Immediately stock your hotel, Airbnb or campsite with fresh veggies and fruit, almond milk and other nourishing necessities. It can be a fun adventure to find the local, fresh gems of your destination like those fruit stands or roadside vendors. If you’re in a hotel or condo, you can also request a mini fridge and a blender. Sometimes they’ll bring them with no extra charge!

Scope Out Healthy Spots

Start to scope out the healthy places to go, like juice bars or cafes. Even yoga studios! They’re are known to have the best kombuchas on hand. While you can always check Yelp, the locals always have the best advice. And you never know – it could blossom into a new friendship.

Order Colorful Meals From The Menu

While you’re out discovering a new eatery or cafe, order various vibrantly colored fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and legumes. Think a black bean kale salad, a side of roasted butternut squash, a carrot ginger soup and a grapefruit mint juice. By making magical rainbows out of your meals, you provide your body with a variety of essential vitamins and minerals.

Supercharge Your Meals with Superfood Blends

Bring along just one of your favorite superfood blends, like Philosophie Berry Bliss or Green Dream. If you’re at a restaurant, you can mix them into your yogurt or salad dressing for a detoxifying, immunity boost. If you were lucky enough to snag a blender for your hotel room or have one in your Airbnb, you can also whip up a superfood smoothie.

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