Take The Quiz: Which Matcha Flavor Matches Your Personality?

Matcha, matcha, matcha. Whether in a cup or in pancake form, our love for the green stuff is as serious as it gets.

Pressed Juicery, who normally slings green bevs of a different sort, is now entering the matcha game. As you’re likely aware (since you’re drooling over this page) matcha is so hot right now. Not only is it a great coffee alternative, a killer match for chilled almond milk and an obsession-worthy shade of green, but the benefits of powdered green tea are endless. And we’re in love.

Pressed’s new flavors include classic matcha with probiotics, matcha lemonade with mint, matcha almond milk and matcha Freeze.

So much goodness you don’t even know where to begin? We agree. In fact, we crafted this quiz to help sort things out. Find out which matcha flavor matches your personality and get to sipping…

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