Make It By Monday: Succulent Wreath

We’ve really got holiday decoration on the brain these days, but for those of you that haven’t yet put the finishing (or even beginning!) touches on your holiday home makeover, fear not! We think this succulent wreath is the ultimate way to achieve seasonal style and festive fun, plus it’s a super-easy, eco-friendly, long-lasting, affordable (around $12 max!) and just plain fun to DIY. Just follow the simple instructions from our friends over at Prudent Baby and you’ll be spreading the succulent holiday spirit in no time flat!

  • How to make your own succulent wreath:

  • Materials:

    -A wreath frame. This one was a 12″ wire frame in green for $4.89.
    -Sphagnum moss. This cost $8 and was enough for several wreaths.
    -Floral wire or plain old fishing wire (I used fishing wire)
    -Floral pins or just paperclips or bobby pins that you bend (I used bobby pins)
    -Rooting hormone (not required but definitely helps)
    -Succulent clippings (from the succulents you already have in your home or garden)

  • Instructions:

    For a step-by-step tutorial, click on over to Prudent Baby for the how-to on this lovely holiday wreath!

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