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How to start a juice fast? Simple. Just start sipping! How to break a juice fast? Well, that can be more complex…

While it’s tempting to break a fast by stuffing your face with all you may have felt deprived of during the day, nutritionists and experienced fasters will tell you otherwise. During your fast, your body has been happy at work cleansing your inner workings. To disrupt that process with a heavy meal could cause havoc on your digestion, as well as sabotage the hard-earned benefits of your fast!

Pressed Juicery gets all kinds of questions about how to break a juice fast from their customers and we decided to hook them up — including this unreal recipe for mushroom soup shown above. If you cleanse or fast on a regular basis, it’s best to have a few great recipes on hand just for that occasion. Pressed’s most-popular cleanse so far this year has been a half-day cleanse that allows wellness-minded juice lovers soak up an array of nutrient-dense juices during the day and finish with a light meal.

We helped Pressed answer their customers’ constant questions about breaking a fast by matching them with our contributor, nutritionist Jennie Miremadi. Jennie is a champion for balanced eating, tackling both the mental and emotional aspects of the way we eat, as well as the specific nutritionals required to eat well and feel our best.

Jennie developed three deliciously simple recipes for Pressed Juicery to help their ‘juice til dinner’ customers break their fasts while still feeling light, energized and completely satiated. Our favorite is this incredible mushroom soup that’s as indulgent in flavor as it looks and completely dairy-free!

Grab all three recipes below and start your own Juice Til Dinner routine this month with their biggest annual sale of the year! Half day fasts include celery juice, green juice, citrus juice, almond milk and one shot (we’re obessed with the shots!) for just $20 a day.

Cilantro Cauliflower Rice Bowl with Pineapple + Lime
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Kale salad with Squash + Pomegranate
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Creamy Vegan Mushroom Soup
(the secret is in the cashew cream!) Seen at the top of this story.
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like those found in juice and ‘added’ sugars from Dr. Michael Miller. 

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