How To Apply Face Oil bottles

If skincare was as simple as layering on serums and suddenly looking photoshopped, Facetune would be out of business.

 We’ve been loving nutrient-rich, hydrating oils for skin ever since they became the reigning skin savior over creams a few years back. However, after quickly fall in love with a new product like a skin oil, important details can get left behind. Celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau — whose lipid-rich Pro Remedy Oil is a recent fave — recently shared a few pointers with us on reaping maximum benefit out of face oils Here’s what she had to say… 

How To Use Facial Oils The Right WayFacial oils are a great way to quickly replenish skin and give it a glowing, radiant boost while also repairing any damage to the moisture barrier. Here’s how skin oil works and how to use it as a topcoat for optimum skin health…

Understand the molecular size and formula ratios. All skincare products (from cleansers, to toners, serums and more) have different molecular weights and water-to-oil ratios. This dictates how light or heavy they feel when applied to skin. Oils usually have a large molecular size so keep this in mind — it should be the last step of your routine.

Facial oil is your skin’s topcoat. It is going to act as a sealant and lock in all of the products underneath, helping them work more effectively. Regardless of skin type, your skin needs both oil and water. Apply facial oil last because anything with a smaller molecule (water-based serums, toners and so on) will have a harder time penetrating through a larger oil-based molecule. If you apply moisturizer on top of facial oil your skin may not receive the best benefit from the moisturizer. Apply facial oil at night when skin is at rest, so the oil can repair and protect skin during sleep.

How you apply facial oil matters. If you have dry skin, massage oil into the skin on top of your moisturizer. But, if you have a combination or normal skin type you’ll want to pat the oil onto the skin, not massage. The reason a patting motion works best for combination skin is because this skin type already has its own oil built-in, so patting will allow the oil product to stay on the surface of the skin like a topcoat.

Learn how to pick the perfect face oil for your skin type with this guide from a celebrity makeup artist.

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