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Fermented food has been around for centuries — so what’s taking you so long to get more of it into your daily diet? The benefits range from gut health to glow and everything in between. Skincare blogger and founder of The True Spoon, Celeste Thomas, recently shared her journey with fermented foods as a complexion-transforming tool — check out the story here. She’s sharing simple ways to actually get those benefits throughout the day…

We’ve all tiptoed around the idea of eating a healthy probiotic-rich diet, haven’t we? The buzz around probiotics is well deserved. With benefits ranging from glowy skin to renewed energy levels, adding happy gut bacteria to your diet is well worth the effort.

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Simple Ways To Add More Probiotics To Your DietLuckily there’s a new league of probiotic possibilities, making it easy to include these funky fermented foods into your favorite meals. You’ll be whipping up delicious probiotic parfaits, tangy kraut topped grain bowls and fizzy boochtails in a snap. Read on for six easy ways to add probiotics into your diet, morning, afternoon and night.
All Morning

Probiotic parfait: One perfect tablespoon of probiotic coconut yogurt turns your basic granola parfait into a five-flavor pallet party. Think berries, gluten-free granola and coconut shavings to add bacteria-boosting prebiotic fiber to the mix.

Sassy switchel: This update on the classic haymaker’s punch found its way to Williamsburg, a cool new vehicle for your morning serving of probiotic without a full serving of sugar. To make, add equal parts kombucha, sparkling water and finish with a squeeze of fresh citrus.
The Afternoon

Tangy grain bowl: Sexier than calling it Everything You’ve Got Leftover in the Fridge, it’s artfully assembled atop farro. A grain bowl is a deceivingly easy way to get your second daily serving of ferments. This inherently bland bowl needs the bright acidic crunch of kraut, kimchi or alternative probiotic veg.

Gut shot: For the busy girl on-the-go, a shot glass full of the juice from your favorite jar of fermented food is enough to boost your biome mid-day. It’s the post-collegiate, good-for-you version of the pickleback, just don’t spill it on your silk blazer.

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Finish In The Evening

Soup Station: Amp up the warmth of this winter staple with a spicy squeeze of fermented hot sauce. Many brands are making probiotic verities of your favorite spicy condiments by blending in fermented veggies, so move over Sriracha.

Bougie Boochtail: Rough day at the office? Nothing a little organic tequila and festive kombucha cocktail can’t fix. To make, add a shot of high-quality spirit, two shot glasses of kombucha, a sprig of rosemary and a palm full of cranberries into an ice-filled shaker. Shake and pour into a vintage champagne glass. (Betty Draper would be proud.)

Want to get started? I’ve developed a home fermentation ebook with simple recipes such as Caraway Kraut and Fennel Pickles, both perfect probiotic grain bowl toppers. This easy ebook offers step-by-step home fermenting instructions, suitable for cooking novices. After one home batch, you’ll be a pro, and you may even be inspired to make a few extra jars of your new favorite toppings for loved ones.

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