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Not everyone is a yoga person, but even skeptics can be converted with the right routine. For model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a few playful feel-good flows crafted by her yogi BFF did the trick. Aussie yoga pro and plant-based wellness coach, Claire Grieve, recently published her e-book, Energize (which Rosie wrote the forward to). We asked Claire to share a few pick-me-up poses for daily energy inspired by the poses she and Rosie are playing with lately…

When I first met Rosie she wasn’t into yoga. It just wasn’t her vibe, she said. The yoga practice I introduced her to was fun, uplifting and lighthearted and little-by-little she began to love it. I’ve worked with her now for eight years through stressful times, happy times, pregnancy, postnatal and beyond. Here’s what Rosie has to say about our work together: “I felt like a could breathe again. I felt uplifted, I felt inspired and I felt energized in every sense. I have been Claire’s client and best friend for nearly eight years now and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.” Currently during our sessions, Rosie and I mostly work to release stress and to energize. Here are some of the yoga poses that Rosie and I have been working on together:

Restorative poses | We do a lot of these (such as Pigeon pose) which helps to release the stress and tensions that have built-up in the hips (where we carry a lot of emotions) from Rosie’s crazy work and travel schedule.

Dancer’s pose | This pose simultaneously improves balance and provides a deep stretch in the shoulders, chest, thighs, groin and abs. It also improves focus and concentration and strengthens the smaller muscles in the legs, feet and ankles — all of which benefit Rosie in her day-to-day.

Backbends | We practice a lot of backbends such as Wheel. Backbends are great heart-openers and are therefore quite energizing. They also increase strength, length and flexibility in the spine, which keeps her feeling young and vibrant.

Handstands | Rosie loves practicing handstands. They are a great way to add playfulness into the day. They also improve mood, boost circulation and build strength and confidence.

Meditation | Together we have built up a consistent meditation practice. Just a short ten-minute session can benefit us in many ways including improved brain health, stress reduction, better sleep and so much more.

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