Greens on Greens on Greens: How 16 Pros Drink Their Green Juice

Creating a big difference in your health and happiness starts with the smallest changes – like green juice. Green juice isn’t a new concept, but even after being immersed in the world of all things Greens, Roots, Citrus, and Fruits for years, we’re constantly looking for new ways to work it into our routine.

Starting tomorrow, you can join us in the 30 Day Greens Challenge and see those big changes start to take shape. The premise is simple: pick up a 30 Day Greens Challenge card at any Pressed Juicery store or online. After you’ve gotten on board, drink one green juice per day for the entire 30 days of the month. Join with our challenge participants and drink your way into a healthier new season. Thirty days means you’ll have begun a habit that will last – and that hopefully stokes your interest in other more healthy ways of living too! If, like us, you’re looking to step it up this fall, join with us and follow along on social media through the month of September.

On TCM, we’ll be sharing tips, tricks, and wisdom from some of our favorite experts and health heroes on how and why to work a green juice into your routine on the regular. To give you a preview of what’s to come, we’ve rounded up some of the best soundbites from our TCM friends, Guest Editors, and role models all about their green juice habits. From Mindy Kaling to the holistic doctors at pH Miracle, here’s how 16 of our favorite wellness experts, celebrities, and health heroes drink it green…

Supermodel Lily Aldridge:

“For me, starting the day with a juice and a green tea immediately makes me feel set up for a day’s worth of better choices.”

Beauty guru Bobbi Brown:

“My go-to beautifying drink is green juice. I also always keep fresh lemon juice and water in the fridge and drink it all day long. It’s amazing how easy it is to drink tons of water when you keep straws, lemon juice, stevia, ginger and cayenne on hand!”

James Colquhoun of Food Matters:

“If you struggle to stomach leafy greens, add a green juice to your daily routine. It means you’ll spend less time eating greens, and more time feeling energized after consuming their nutrients.”

Wellness Pro Kris Carr:

“That green nectar feels like pure, invigorating oxygen shooting to every corner of my being. Today, juicing is as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth, but it wasn’t always second nature.”

Actress Mindy Kaling:

“I try to finish a Pressed Juicery Greens 2 on the way to work every morning. My friend and I once drove to Santa Barbara for New Year’s with juices for three days. We juiced and got massages for three days instead of going out with friends and drinking. It was the best; we saved money and started the New Year alert and skinny.” 

Pressed Juicery Co-Founder Carly De Castro:

“The more people out there who are juicing and eating food that makes them feel good, we believe the more likely they are to inspire others to feel good and to act accordingly.”

The Doctors of PH Miracle:

“Fresh, raw green juices from vegetables and our morning Green AvoRado Kid Shake are so healthy for digestion! Green drinks are less acidic in the stomach, so less sodium bicarbonate needs to be produced…and so less hydrochloric acid residue is left hanging around the stomach causing that acidic discomfort.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola:

“Vegetables are an excellent source of hydration, nutrients and fiber, yet far too many of us eat far too few. Juicing, eating them raw and fermenting are all effortless ways to eat more of these nutritional powerhouses.”

TV Host Ty Pennington:

“Eating things that are good for you make you feel good. Eating fresh fruits and veggies, salads, and juices really give you a boost.”

SoulCycle's Angela Davis:

“My favorite way to hydrate after a soulcycle class is green juice”

Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie:

“Green juice… as a snack, not as a meal replacement! It’s not enough calories/protein/fiber as a meal replacement, but as a vitamin elixir/snack… it’s legit!  The vitamins are instantly absorbed into your blood stream because they don’t need to be broken down into a liquid or fiber removed, etc. It immediately gets rid of my headaches, plus I get a quick spike in balanced energy. It keeps my skin clear and cravings down. Fill it up with mostly green leafy veggies, a little pear or apple, parsley, ginger and turmeric!”

Actress Meghan Markle:

“The best fast food option is green juice. That’s fast. And it’s food. (It’s been many moons since I went through a drive thru.)”

Designer Jenni Kayne:

“I begin each day with a Greens 1

Jacquelyn Umof of Tracy Anderson Method:

“My fave way to hydrate is greens 3 from Pressed Juicery. I love that it’s made with ginger because it is a powerful detoxifier that kick-starts the metabolism!”

Designer Jennifer Fisher:

“Once a week I drink only green juice. And my daily breakfast is green juice with lemon, apple, and ginger or gluten-free cinnamon raisin toast with egg whites.”

Fabletics Co-Founder Ginger Ressler:

“My fave post-workout fuel a Pressed Juicery Greens 1 with a chicken breast and veggies.”

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  2. Wow, so many different opinions from these people but they all share one thing and that the need for a healthy lifestyle and that’s where juicing comes in.. It doesn’t really matters that much how you do it, yes it will very from person to person, but everyone will gain pretty much the same benefits. I say do whats best for you and what works for you! 🙂

    Anna Kimbel | 12.14.2016 | Reply


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