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This roundup is for the friend who you’ve had to ban from Web MD. It’s for the pal who towels down in travel wipes after each Uber ride and suspects every post-lunch hiccup to be the beginning of something far more serious.

While fear of sickness is nothing to snicker about, sometimes the key to balanced living is to poke a little fun at ourselves and our overly-anxious ways. We had to giggle when this latest title landed on our desks. ‘Am I Dying?! Should You Chill Out of Freak Out?’ seemed like the perfect excuse to share this guide to books for your most vigilant friend. If you find yourself a bit paranoid about every itch and cough, a little self-imposed educational support may be all you need to calm down and take better care of you…

wellness hypochondriac AM I DYING?! BY CHRISTOPHER KELLYAm I Dying?! by Christopher Kelly
| This best-seller caters to the hypochondriac in all of us. Written by two Columbia University cardiologists, it’s a thorough review of common symptoms and advice on when to worry and when to chill — good news: it’s usually the latter!  CHECK OUT

WELLNESS HYPOCHONDRIAC HOW NOT TO DIE BY MICHAEL GREGERHow Not To Die by Michael Greger | In this classic title, internationally-renowned nutrition expert, Dr. Michael Greger explores the fifteen top causes of premature death in America and how nutritional and lifestyle interventions can often prevent and heal certain conditions. CHECK OUT

WELLNESS HYPOCHONDRIAC STAYING HEALTHY WITH NUTRITION BY ELSON M. HAASStaying Healthy with Nutrition by Elson M. Haas | If you consider yourself a wellness die-hard, this colossal wellness encyclopedia is an essential addition to your library. Part one breaks down the building blocks of nutrition, part two explores daily diet and food, part three brings all of that info together, and part four contains specific programs and lifestyle therapies for enhancing all stages of life. It’s clear, comprehensive and amazing for self-education. CHECK OUT

Whether you’re an overly anxious health nerd or just someone who likes to read
up about all things wellness, check out this roundup of essential reads.


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