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Get through the blue lulls of winter and brighten your mood with these simple, natural homemade air freshener DIYs. Our friends at Hello Glow have come up with a few oil blends we really love – including lime and ylang ylang! – that put the mood-boosting power of aromatherapy to good use in your home or office. 

We diffuse essential oils all day here at The Chalkboard HQ. Along with great music and exercise breaks, it’s one of the most effective ways to keep our energy in the right place during long winter days! Give these blends a try…

Short days, gray skies and cold temps can start to feel depressing this time of year. It’s easy to get the winter blues after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, while thinking about several more months of dark, dreary weather. It’s enough to make you want to pull the covers over your head and hibernate until April.

Scent is one of my favorite ways to energize and a homemade air freshener is a quick way to diffuse an aroma. We spritz lavender to help us fall asleep; why not do the same to get us going in the morning? Citrus oils are my go-to mood lifters. Clinique called their citrus perfume ‘Happy’ for a reason, folks. Spice and woodsy scents make lovely additions to a citrus room spray this time of year.

These three blends all incorporate citrus oils to brighten mood and uplift your spirit:

Winter Spice Room Spray
A cozy scent to brighten the dreariest day.
– 12 drops cinnamon
– 12 drops sweet orange
– 6 drops clove

Energizing Lemon Spray
A scent to motivate you to clean the whole house – or just make you feel like you already have.
– 12 drops lemon
– 12 drops peppermint
– 6 drops frankincense

Lime Motivating Mist
An energizing boost that also calms anxiety.
– 12 drops lime
– 12 drops ylang ylang
– 6 drops rose

Below you’ll find the basics on making your own room spray. Note: Vodka or witch hazel help the scent linger longer in the air. Some folks also use rubbing alcohol but I find it interferes too much with the essential oil scent.

Homemade Air Freshener: The Recipe


1.5 oz distilled water
1.5 oz vodka or witch hazel
20-40 drops of favorite essential oil or essential oil blend
4 oz spray bottle


Mix water, oils and vodka in a spray bottle. Shake vigorously and mist rooms throughout your home. Note: Many citrus oils are phototoxic, so please use your oils safely.

Click through here to Hello Glow for the rest of the blues-banishing DIY room sprays! 


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