We wouldn’t really consider ourselves homebodies. But we could aspire to after spending a glorious afternoon tucked inside the home of designer Heidi Merrick. Perched like a Mediterranean hideaway above the Silverlake fray, Heidi’s sun-washed home, with gardens on all sides and filled to the brim with every shape and size of fashionable curiosity (including a few from her own home line), is the model Californian abode.

Heidi is deeply steeped in Californian style, as her home suggests. Born and raised in the surf (her father is top surfboard designer Al Merrick), everything about Heidi oozes West Coast cool, from her unbearably stylish Spring ’14 collection to her warm, relaxed attitude when showing us the new growth in her home garden.

We joined Heidi to find out how a successful designer and mom finds time to fit in a juice cleanse and how she makes it all work. What we found is, like most of us, Heidi is obsessed with the green juice flavors, which really helps. She also gives herself a little grace to make it through the work and family schedule and relies on her own herb and vegetable garden to fill in her cleansing needs. Between juices, a fresh mint tea helps to keep her happy (and happens to be incredible for digestion). Greens and edible flowers from the garden make the perfect post-cleanse meal to help her transition back into her normal diet.

Take a peek inside Heidi’s gorgeous home as she makes her way through a typical cleanse day…


Heidi Merrick.


Fashion designer.

Cleanse you're on:

Pressed Juicery. I’m not sure, #2?

How many days:

3 days.

I cleanse under these conditions/these times of year:

Maybe 3 times a year.

Favorite juice:

Greens 3.

Why I cleanse:

Mainly to exercise self-discipline and change up my habits.

At lunch, I'd normally be:

On the weekends, eating frittata at an outdoor table with my family. Weekdays, at my desk unless my husband comes and takes me out to lunch.

On my cleanse I reroute my time by:

Playing with my daughter while my husband makes dinner. Note: I’m still packing her lunches, which is difficult.

Fave part of the experience:

Opening the box and pre-tasting the flavors. I’m too giddy not to try them when I want to.

Fave foods to break the cleanse with:

Raw almonds. I also make a fresh green salad from my garden, including some gorgeous edible flowers.

Secret cleansing tip:

I don’t sip and keep sipping, I just drink it and move on, otherwise it becomes too obsessive with me. I’ve been drinking a fresh mint tea made from the mint in my garden during the cleanse too.

Beyond green juice, this spring I'm also loving:

Flats, Vans, leather pants (still) and anything with almonds and dates in my Vitamix.

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