NOT MANY PARENTS REALIze that typical children’s vitamins can cause more problems than they solve. And thankfully, these two dads are doing something about it.

Darren Litt and Adam Gillman are fathers and co-founders of Hiya, the fastest-growing children’s vitamin brand dedicated to creating a healthier multivitamin. Hiya supplements review

It turns out a typical children’s vitamin has as much sugar as an Oreo cookie, 5 grams of added sugar to be exact. Beyond that gummy vitamins often contain unhealthy preservatives, weird dyes, and gummy junk that can contribute to cavities. Unfortunately, many health-minded parents give their kids these sugar bombs without thinking through the potential health consequences of so much added sugar and junk.

The challenges of parenting have never been more apparent in these post-pandemic days. If you’ve managed to keep supplements for your kids in mind at all, we applaud you! It’s not easy to feed our families well these days with the overwhelming amount of marketing and sugary, processed options we encounter every single day.

Of course, the problematic connection between kids and sugar isn’t news to any parent. Yet most parents don’t quite realize the extent of the problem, so here are a few facts about kids and sugar you should be aware of:

+ The American Heart Association recommends children and teens consume a maximum of 25 grams, or 6 teaspoons, of added sugar per day. When a child’s multivitamin includes five grams of sugar, that’s arguably 20% of the amount they should ever eat in a day, leading to potential issues with blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver disease, obesity, and more.

+ Consuming foods, beverages, and even vitamins high in added sugars during childhood is linked to the development of risk factors for heart disease, including an increased risk of obesity and elevated blood pressure.

+ According to Dr. Frank Hu at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, the evidence is clear that added sugars contribute to obesity and other metabolic problems. (1)

hiya multivitamin offer

Call us crazy, but we’d rather save those grams of sugar for the occasional treat, rather than waste them on a daily gummy vitamin meant to promote health—never mind the preservatives, chemicals, and other synthetic gummy junk they may contain.

That’s where Hiya comes in. The two dads behind Hiya saw this problem and created a solution. We are happy to partner with modern wellness brands like Darren and Adam’s that simplify and up-level shopping decisions for our readers, especially when it comes to our families’ health.

Here’s everything you need to know about Hiya’s multivitamin: it includes zero grams of added sugar, no weird dyes, no gummy junk, and is supercharged with 15 essential vitamins and minerals—including zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A, and so much more—all known to help support immunity, mood, sleep, concentration, and more.Shop your first Hiya order for 50% off when you use code CHALKBOARD

Meet Hiya

+ The chewable vitamin is pressed with a blend of twelve organic fruits and veggies.

+ One chewable daily fills the most common gaps in a modern children’s diets (age 2 through mid-teens) with fifteen essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, B12, C, zinc, folate to help support immunity, energy, brain function, mood, concentration, teeth and bones.

+ Made without sugar or gummy filler, the chewable is loved by hundreds of thousands of young picky eaters. The secret is that Hiya is sweetened naturally, including plant-based monk fruit and mannitol, a sweetener found naturally in strawberries and pumpkins and recommended by dentists concerned about cavities and tooth decay.

+ Traditional children’s vitamins are based on nutritional guidelines from the 1980s. Hiya consulted a team of pediatricians and nutritionists to individually select each ingredient (including the form, source, and amount) based on modern guidelines of what is most lacking among today’s children and in their diets.

+ Many vitamins sit on a store shelf for months. Gummies are susceptible to heat and melting and can result in “dead vitamins” that often lack the nutrients listed on the bottle. Hiya regularly sends you a pouch of fresh chewables, a far cleaner delivery mechanism.

+ Hiya is non-GMO, vegan, dairy-free, allergy-free, gelatin-free, nut-free and just about everything else you can imagine. Your first delivery comes in a child-proof refillable bottle your kids can decorate along with plastic-free refill pouches. You can order for up to five kids and Hiya will scale down their price the more kiddos you order for!Hiya kids stickers

One of the smartest things Hiya has done is to send really cute stickers with your first order. Create a moment with your littles when the bottle comes in the mail. While they decorate their new bottle, get them excited about your new daily ritual! Consider making time to take your multi while they take theirs each morning or evening to cement the practice.

Hiya’s multivitamin costs about a dollar a day—fifty cents, if you take them up on their offer here — a fantastic price for kids’ health. Easy-to-start, easy-to-adjust, with free shipping and total flexibility.

Typical children’s vitamins are basically candy in disguise—filled with two teaspoons of sugar, unhealthy chemicals, and other gummy junk growing kids should never eat. Let Hiya deliver a cleaner multi for your kids and get them the full-body nourishment they need to grow into healthy adults.hiya multivitamin offer(1) Healthy kids sweet enough without added sugars | The Nutrition Source | Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health 

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