hint water charcoal mocktail

We like our drinks functional — whether cocktail, mocktail, latte or smoothie. So when we stumbled upon this genius mocktail idea, we were thrilled.

We’ve whipped up a couple of clean cocktail recipes made with sparkling versions of Hint Water flavors we love — and created this blackberry charcoal mocktail while shaking everything up. After unpacking a case of the flavored fizz water (blackberry fizz is hand’s down the team favorite!), we decided to throw a shot of charcoal straight into the (non-GMO, sugar-free, preservative-free) sparkling blackberry water and — bingo, an ideal post-cocktail mocktail was born.

Flavored sparkling water is the quickest way to create good cocktail recipes at home without a million ingredients and without the added sugar that simple syrup or concentrated juices can add. If your friends are a healthy bunch, keep a case stocked at all times for quick and easy drinks.

Charcoal is the perfect ingredient for that glass of water between cocktails – and our version will help you linger longer between drinks. Scared of activated charcoal? Don’t be. As long as charcoal is mixed with plenty of liquid and taken in moderation, the benefits are safe and high-impact, especially while drinking.

Keep these four simple ingredients hanging around on your next party’s mini-bar or stir up a pitcher and keep it on hand for guests who want to hydrate and stay healthy after a couple of cocktails!

The Blackberry Charcoal Detox Mocktail
serves 1


1/2 bottle blackberry Hint Water
Pressed Juicery charcoal shot
1 small handful fresh blackberries
squeeze of fresh lime


Muddle a few blackberries in a tall glass. Add the sparkling blackberry Hint Water slowly, then pour the charcoal shot on top. Stir gently to combine. Serve straight or over ice.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Hint Water.

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