Pack This Himalayan Salt Inhaler For Better Breathing

This story first ran in 2017. We love a salt inhaler for a bit of refreshment on long days at home and to help clear the lungs during a high-pollen season. Most people still aren’t familiar with them, so we thought we’d bring this back!

Our day bags are packed with all the usual suspects: lipstick, sunnies, hand cream, perfume…and a pink salt inhaler. Not familiar? We’re not surprised. We’d never heard of this simple wellness tool until recently, but we’ve been experimenting with Living Libations Himalayan salt inhaler and a few essential oils lately and can’t get over them.

If you’re looking for a way to boost good breathing practices and overall respiratory health, a salt pipe might just be the perfect way. Here’s why…

What you should know: Pink Himalayan salt is some of the most nutrient-dense salt available on the planet; packed with trace minerals and full of health benefits. We use pink salt for cooking daily, but had never dreamed of using it for inhalation in what is essentially a pipe.

When we discovered these pink salt inhalers through hard core natural living guru, Nadine Artemis of Living Libations, we were totally intrigued. The inhalers can be paired with an array of essential oils to help clear and strengthen the lungs and sinuses. The idea of huffing pink salt, mint and spruce oil sounded strangely therapeutic to us and we knew we had to try one.

Why you should try one: Think for a moment about the soothing health benefits of being near the sea. All that natural salt in the ocean air is actually incredibly healthful for your respiratory system and can help to heal and soothe the lungs, throat and sinuses. Salt inhalers aim to replicate that effect, boosting the therapeutic benefits even further by coupling them with therapeutic grade oils.

Certain essential oils like spruce, chamomile, pine and mint provide the body with a dose of immune and respiratory system purifying elements that can really pack a punch.

Those with respiratory issues, allergies or who are prone to sinus issues should consider checking out a pink salt inhaler as a supplemental therapy. Allergens, air pollutants and other irritants are all flushed from the system more easily after a few minutes of deep breathing using the inhaler. Frequent traveler? Packing a salt inhaler is a great way to balance your system after hours of low quality airplane air or during travel to a foreign destination with less than stellar air quality.

Let’s get together: Using a salt inhaler is easy. Pack the inhaler with the provided salt, add a few drops of your preferred essential oils (take it easy to start) and either breathe the inhaler in through the mouth and out through the nose or use the alternate nostril method. We’ve found using a salt inhaler to be completely therapeutic and revitalizing. It’s also a great practice to help remind ourselves of the importance of deep breathing techniques – the inhaler gives us something concrete to remind ourselves to simply breathe better! (Learn more about the value of breathwork here.)

We recommend keeping an inhaler on hand near the couch at home for deep breathing during mid-week veg sessions, on your desk for mid-afternoon pick-me-ups or in your travel bag for long flights and road trips.

Have you tried a salt inhaler? What was your experience? We want to hear from you! 

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